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Qld: Queensland Police note worst drivers of 2008

04 Jan 2009 12:11 PM

Backpackers sporting a cardboard number plate on their vehicle .. a man who claimed he was "slip-streaming" to save fuel .. and another who did a burnout in front of a police camera have been nominated as the worst drivers of 2008 by Queensland Police.

Six days before Christmas .. traffic police on the Bruce Highway at Inkerman in the state's north nabbed tourists in a vehicle with a makeshift registration plate that read LICENCE.

Less amusing was an incident in May on the Warrego Highway near Gatton .. west of Brisbane.

A police officer on radar duty stopped a 31-year-old man who'd been driving just three to four metres behind another car .. with both doing just over 100 kilometres an hour.

Asked what he was thinking .. the man told the officer he was slip-streaming to save gas.

A random breath test returned a reading of 0.260 and he was charged with drink driving.

In another drink-driving incident in March .. a 25-year-old man was nabbed after he did a burnout in front of a police speed camera at Yamanto .. west of Brisbane.