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PAC: Drivers shocked by fatal shooting on NZ motorway

23 Jan 2009 3:25 PM

AUCKLAND, Jan 23 NZPA - Motorists have watched in shock as police covered the body of a man shot dead on a New Zealand motorway following a chase.

Police have refused to say if officers had fired the shot/s that killed the man on Auckland's North Western motorway on Friday.

Police had been pursuing the man, reportedly at speeds of up to 120km/h, just prior to the shooting.

Local media said the chase began after the man hijacked a vehicle. Witnesses said at least three shots were fired during the incident.

The police armed offenders squad was involved.

The man's body was seen lying in the back of a white van before police moved to cover it with a tarp, as scores of people watched from the side of the motorway.

"I can see 10 police vehicles and some had been damaged from the pursuit," NZPA reporter Rachel Pinder said.

Several witnesses said they heard the shots that killed the man.

One witness, who did not want to be named, said: "I just heard shots. I was out in my garden and came down to have a closer look. I then heard all the sirens."

Another witness said he heard three shots.

"By the time we got down to the motorway he (the dead man) was in the back of the van".

Police are expected to release details about the incident later on Friday.