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NSW: Rudd's capitalism to send a 'shudder': Turnbull

31 Jan 2009 1:16 PM

Opposition Leader MALCOLM TURNBULL says Australians who remember the Labor government of the 1970s .. will shudder at KEVIN RUDD'S call for a new era of social capitalism.

In an essay outlining plans to fix capitalism .. the Prime Minister's denounced the unfettered capitalism of the past three decades .. and criticises the free market force advocates who've influenced the market system since the 1970s.

But Mr TURNBULL says Mr RUDD wants to go back to the failed days of GOUGH WHITLAM's big government.

Mr TURNBULL says the Australian financial system has been well regulated by the coalition during 11-and-a-half years of good economic management .. and has provided the cash for Mr RUDD to distribute in his economic stimulus plans.