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FED: Eric Bana makes Love The Beast carbon neutral

19 Feb 2009 3:04 PM
Subject: FED: Eric Bana makes Love The Beast carbon neutral FED: Eric Bana makes Love The Beast carbon neutral Eds: Reissuing to clarify how the emissions are offset in fourth par.

SYDNEY, Feb 19 AAP - Self-confessed rev-head Eric Bana has shown you can drive a mean racing machine and still go 'green' by offsetting the carbon emissions during the making of his new film Love The Beast.

Love The Beast gives audiences a glimpse behind the Australian actor's movie star lifestyle to reveal his other passion: his lovingly restored Ford GT Falcon Coupe - aka The Beast.

Bana's company Pick Up Truck Pictures and Melbourne-based film group Whyte House Productions have teamed up with not-for-profit organisation Climate Positive to calculate and offset the carbon polluting activities associated with making the film.

The producers documented and assessed the greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, transportation and hotel accommodation, and offset them with accredited projects that have a renewable energy component, and by investing in the restoration of biodiverse, resilient forest ecosystems.

Producer Peter Hill said they were able to reduce the environmental impact associated with making a film about a petrol-guzzling car.

"In making a film about the love of motorsport and cars we were mindful of the environmental message we were sending," Hill said.

"We love cars but love the planet more, and wanted to ensure we made a film in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

"Offsetting the carbon emissions is one of the steps we took to minimise the impact on the environment."

Love The Beast, which also stars auto aficionados Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, talk show host Jay Leno and television psychologist Dr Phil, is released in Australian cinemas on March 12.

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FED: Eric Bana makes Love The Beast carbon neutral