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NSW: New demerit system for drivers still six months off

02 Mar 2009 5:16 PM

A fairer demerit point system for New South Wales drivers has been unveiled but won't start until September .. 10 months after the state government flagged the changes.

Roads Minister MICHAEL DALEY first announced an overhaul of the current system in November last year and finally released the details today.

Under the new system a driver travelling up to 10km/h over the speed limit will now lose just one demerit point and be fined 81 dollars.

Previously .. anyone caught speeding between 0 and 30km/h over the speed limit lost three points .. but the fines varied for different speeds.

Mr DALEY says updates to various agencies' computer systems .. including the Roads and Traffic Authority .. means they won't take effect for another six months.

The NSW opposition has welcomed the changes .. but says it shouldn't take so long to implement them.