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QLD: Photographer stands by authenticity, but says memory hazy

17 Mar 2009 2:30 AM

The man who took nude photographs believed to be of political resurgent PAULINE HANSON is standing by their authenticity .. but admits his memory over their encounter is hazy.

The photographs were published in News Limited newspapers and broadcast on the Nine and Seven networks on Sunday .. and purportedly show a 19-year-old Ms HANSON posing naked in the 1970s.

JACK JOHNSON has told the Seven Network he met Ms HANSON while she was working in a Brisbane grocery shop .. and took the photos at the opening of a resort on New South Wales' Mid-north Coast.

Ms HANSON says the photos aren't of her.

She says she never worked in a Brisbane grocery store and didn't know of anyone by the name of JACK JOHNSON.

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