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Fed: 22 Aussie on flight with Kiwis who have swine flu: Roxon

28 Apr 2009 10:56 PM

It has taken health authorities three days to start searching for 22 Australians who were on the same flight as three New Zealand students who have swine flu.

Nine Australians on the flight last Saturday from Mexico to New Zealand are from Queensland .. eight from New South Wales .. four from Victoria and one from South Australia.

Ms Roxon says public health authorities are trying to track down these people to ask them whether they have flu-like symptoms.

Meanwhile .. Health Minister NICOLA ROXON has called on Governor-General QUENTIN BRYCE to ensure chief medical officer JIM BISHOP can enact Australia's quarantine powers .. if required .. for suspected swine flu cases.

This means authorities will have the power to detain people suspected of having the potentially deadly virus.