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Fed: National swine flu tally at 209=3D3

30 May 2009 1:42 PM

Prof Bishop said pregnant women, people with respiratory problems, such as asthma or chronic airways disease, and diabetics were particularly susceptible to swine flu.

Swine flu numbers were likely to rise during winter, he added.

"We'll see this flu becoming more of a dominant flu and what we'll see is it will start to increase in numbers rather like the seasonal flu," Prof Bishop said.

"And like the seasonal flu, everyone knows how to deal with the flu.

"It's turning out to be, in Australian hands, quite a mild disease."

As of Saturday night, there were about 15,500 cases of swine flu worldwide, with 99 deaths recorded, Prof Bishop said.

"Speaking to our colleagues around the country, it's quite clear what we've got to focus now on is to understand who's likely not to do so well, and that will be a very small number of cases, but they're the ones we want to jump on and make sure they are treated appropriately."