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Qld: I begged police to stop tasering him, says woman

19 Jun 2009 2:32 AM

The partner of a man who died after being tasered by police in north Queensland says she begged police to stop repeatedly using the weapon.

SANDRA WINN's told Network Ten yesterday .. the man went to the bathroom and was tasered through the bathroom window and again inside.

Ms WINN says he was screaming in pain .. and looked like a bolt of lightning was hitting him.

Police initially said 39-year-old ANTONIO GALEANO died after he was shot three times in a violent confrontation with police near Townsville .. last Friday.

It's since emerged the Taser operated on 28 separate cycles during the confrontation .. meaning the man could have suffered millions of electric shocks for more than two minutes.

Mr GALEANO'S death is the third in Australia linked to police use of Taser guns .. and civil libertarians have called for an independent investigation to review the use of the weapons Australia-wide.

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