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Fed: Turnbull acting like a toddler: Tanner

25 Jun 2009 2:33 AM

The Rudd government's accused MALCOLM TURNBULL of acting like a three-year old girl with a tantrum .. by refusing to co-operate with police investigations into the OzCar affair.

Liberal MPs have told the ABC that senior Treasury official GODWIN GRECH has been leaking unofficial information to the coalition since the days of the Howard government.

The opposition leader's told ABC television .. parliamentarians have never assisted governments in trying to trace down leaks from the public service.

But Finance Minister LINDSAY TANNER says Mr TURNBULL's acting like his three-year old daughter .. throwing a tantrum after she's been caught scribbling on the walls.

And Mr TANNER says it's not about tracing leaks .. it's about establishing the facts behind the criminal offences of forgery and conspiracy.

An AFP search of Mr GRECH's Canberra home on Monday uncovered a fake email .. purported to be from Prime Minister KEVIN RUDD's office regarding the OzCar financing scheme.