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NSW: Bikie-related violence prompts $100,000 reward

27 Jun 2009 11:30 AM

SYDNEY, June 27 AAP - Renewed bikie-related violence has prompted NSW police to offer a $100,000 reward over the murder of a Sydney man with alleged links to organised crime.

The body of Milad Sande, 29, was found, with gunshot wounds to his head, next to a car at Cromwell Park, Malabar, in Sydney's east, late on November 23, 2005.

Police believe he was involved in large scale drug distribution, and had links to organised crime and bikie gangs.

"Investigations have revealed that at the time of his murder Mr Sande had links to organised crime, including the Nomads and Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gangs, and was involved in large scale drug distribution," Police Minister Tony Kelly said on Saturday.

Mr Kelly is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for Sande's murder.

Earlier this month, Fadi Ibrahim, an associate of the Notorious bikie gang, was shot five times as he returned to his Castle Cove home in Sydney's north in his black Lamborghini.

Police say Sande was an associate of Ibrahim's.

"Milad was an associate of the Ibrahims, but there's no link between what happened to Fadi Ibrahim and what happened to Milad Sande," Detective Sergeant Andrew Marks from the Homicide Squad told reporters on Saturday.

But police do believe there is a connection between Sande's death and the murder of Bandidos Sydney chapter leader Rodney Monk, gunned down in an East Sydney laneway in April 2005.

"We believe there was an association between the murder of Milad and Rodney Monk because of the circles that Milad was involved in," Det Sgt Marks said.

"We believe shortly after Rodney Monk was shot by Russell Oldham, they were in the same group of associates, so we believe that there was a link there, yes."

On-going conflict between Sydney's bikie gangs erupted in the open at Sydney Airport on March 22 when Anthony Zervas, the brother of a senior Hells Angels bikie, was fatally bashed.

"The timing of this (the $100,000 reward) is in some way a coincidence," Det. Sgt Marks said.

"In other ways we are just showing that we are still investigating matters even though they have been going on for some time, we are not giving up the fight."

Anyone with information about Sande's murder is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.