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Fed: Chaser 'confuses' Turnbull with Jackson

01 Jul 2009 9:45 PM

CANBERRA, July 1 AAP - The Chaser boys have paid tribute to the recent demise of a "truly tragic freak".

"It's obviously a very sad week as we try to come to terms with a monumental loss, and mourn the demise of a truly tragic figure - Malcolm Turnbull," Chris Taylor said on Wednesday night's satirical show.

"So much success early on, but then, later on, he just became a freak," added Craig Reucassel.

They then noted that Mr Turnbull's demise had overshadowed the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

Mr Turnbull has had a tough time of late after calling for the prime minister to resign based on a fake email.

The Chaser crew tried to test whether Mr Turnbull had learned how to spot a fake by showing him mock images of Kevin Rudd as an alien, and urinating on a Don Bradman memorial.

Mr Turnbull laughed at first but then seemed to find the joke was wearing a little thin, and chastised them for poking fun at sick children in a previous episode.