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ASIA: Police say eight died in Jakarta hotel bomb attacks

Fri Jul 17 19:47:49 EST 2009

JAKARTA, July 17 AP - Jakarta's police chief says the bomb attacks on two hotels in Jakarta killed 8 and wounded 50, including 18 foreigners.

Earlier the security minister said nine people died but that number was later revised by authorities.

They said several suspects in the bombing of the JW Marriott were staying at the hotel.

Maj Gen Wahyono said the suspects stayed on the 18th floor of the hotel where un-detonated explosives were found after Friday's twin explosions at the J.W. Marriott and neighbouring Ritz-Carlton.

Wahyono told reporters, "There were several perpetrators."

"They were disguised as guests and stayed in room 1808."

It was the first major terror strike in Indonesia since three suicide bombers hit restaurants on the resort island of Bali nearly four years ago.