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Telstra fined $101,200 for breaching Do Not Call law

Wed Aug 19 00:04:40 EST 2009

SYDNEY, Aug 18 AAP - Telstra has been forced to pay more than $100,000 after the communications watchdog found one of the telco's call centres had been telemarketing to people on the Do Not Call register.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) investigated Telstra's compliance with the Do Not Register Call Act, after receiving continued consumer complaints and advising the telco of potential breaches.

The act allows people to list their mobile or landline phone numbers on the register, making it illegal for telemarketers to call those numbers.

The ACMA's chairman Chris Chapman said Telstra has paid $101,200 after it was found one of its external call centres in Australia made telemarketing calls to people on the register.

The investigation found a lack of supervision and appropriate procedures allowed a situation in which calls were made to numbers on the register belonging to consumers who were not Telstra customers.

An independent consultant will now be appointed to review Telstra's procedures to ensure they comply with the law.

"The market leaders in the telco industry should consider themselves soundly on notice - size and complexity are no excuse for non-compliant practice," Mr Chapman said in a statement on Tuesday.

Mr Chapman said people who received telemarketing calls more than 30 days after they join the register should collect as much information as possible about the call if they wanted to make a complaint.

People can enter their number on the register or lodge a complaint at www.donotcall.gov.au, or by phoning 1300 792 958.

Registration lasts for three years.