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US: Guitarist Les Paul to be buried in US hometown

Wed Aug 19 05:06:29 EST 2009

MILWAUKEE, Aug 18 AP - The public will get to pay their respects to guitar virtuoso and inventor Les Paul on Friday in Milwaukee followed by a burial in his Wisconsin hometown of Waukesha.

Discovery World President Joel Brennan says Paul's body will lie in repose at the museum before a private family service at the Prairie Home Cemetery. The museum has an exhibit on Paul's life.

Paul died in White Plains, New York, on August 13 of complications from pneumonia at age 94.

Paul was known for his lightning-fast riffs and performed with some of early pop's biggest names.

But it was for his invention of the first solid-body electric guitar, which paved the way for modern rock 'n' roll, that he will be most remembered.