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Obama's Kenyan family 'honoured' by Nobel Peace Prize

Sat Oct 10 04:42:26 EST 2009
Fri Oct 9 17:42:26 UTC 2009

There's been mixed reaction around the world to US President BARACK OBAMA winning the Nobel Peace Prize

- Mr OBAMA's Kenyan family say they're honoured.

Step-brother .. SAID OBAMA .. says the award touches many people because the president represents people from different walks of life.

- In Afghanistan .. President HAMID KARZAI says BARACK OBAMA is the appropriate person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr KARZAI says the award recognises Mr OBAMA's hard work and new vision for good global relations .. as well as his will and efforts for world peace.

- The Taliban has condemned the decision .. saying President OBAMA hasn't taken a single step towards peace in Afghanistan.

- In Iran .. President AHMADINEJAD says the award should prompt Mr OBAMA to start working towards ending injustice in the world.

The Iranian leader says Mr OBAMA can prove he's worthy of the prize .. by removing the veto which the US and four other permanent members hold over UN Security Council decisions.

- Exiled Uighur leader REBIYA KADEER says the award will raise expectations for the US President to stand up for human rights and oppressed nations around the world.

Ms KADEER has often been tipped for the prestigious prize for her fight on behalf of the Chinese minority group.