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Abu Ghraib guard appeals to US military high court

Wed Oct 14 23:37:17 EST 2009
Wed Oct 14 12:37:17 UTC 2009

WASHINGTON, Oct 14 AP - A female soldier who was photographed at Abu Ghraib prison giving a smiling "thumbs-up" beside a pyramid of naked detainees is appealing her convictions to the US military's highest court.

Former Army Reserve Specialist Sabrina Harman was sentenced to six months behind bars for her role in the abuses that occurred six years ago at the prison in Iraq.

The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces scheduled arguments on Wednesday on whether there was enough evidence to sustain convictions on six counts of maltreatment, conspiracy to maltreat detainees and dereliction of duty.

Harman also was found to have participated in an episode in which a hooded detainee was photographed standing atop a box with wires in his hands.