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Wall Street surges to open week

Tue Nov 24 02:35:11 EST 2009
Mon Nov 23 15:35:11 UTC 2009

US stocks have roared higher .. with traders focusing on a weak dollar that boosted commodities and other shares sensitive to greenback-linked movements.

The Dow Jones jumped 144.35 points .. or 1.40 per cent .. to 10,462.51 in the first exchanges .. rebounding from a three-session losing streak.

The Nasdaq rose 35.96 points .. or 1.68 per cent to 2,182.00 .. and the Standard and Poor's added 18.43 points .. or 1.69 per cent to 1,109.81.

Both indexes ended lower last week.

Traders say stocks surged from the opening bell as the dollar weakened .. with expectations that interest rates would remain at near zero low levels.

The market will be closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving .. and will be open only half a day on Friday.

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