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NSW: Coogee Bay Hotel footage shows nothing - Whyte's

02 Nov 2008 5:06 PM
NSW: Coogee Bay Hotel footage shows nothing - Whyte's

A family that was allegedly served ice-cream containing faecal matter atan eastern Sydney pub says an impending mediation with the hotel in question is not about money.

The WHYTE family claim the Coogee Bay Hotel served them contaminated ice-cream free-of-charge on October 5 .. after they complained they couldn't hearthe televised NRL grand final over the pub's loud music.

Laboratory tests by the NSW Food Authority have shown a sample of the dish tested positive for bilirubin .. found in excreta.

But the hotel's repeatedly denied the allegations .. and has refused to apologise to the family since the story was splashed across Sunday papers lastweek.

JESSICA WHYTE says she's looking forward to a legal mediation scheduled forFriday .. and says an apology is more important than compensation.

Responding to recently released closed-circuit television footage of the night .. Ms WHYTE says the tapes are inconclusive and has questioned why theywere given to the media and not the family's solicitor.

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