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Vic: Police amazed at motorcyclist's speed

02 Nov 2008 7:11 PM
Vic: Police amazed at motorcyclist's speed

MELBOURNE, Nov 2 AAP - A motorcyclist was clocked by police travelling at 85kmh above the posted speed limit in an inner-Melbourne suburban streettoday.

The rider, 29, of Macleod in the city's north-east, was caught at 145kmh in a 60kmh zone in Queens Parade, North Fitzroy, shortly after 3.30pm (AEDT).

The four-lane road, less than 5km from Melbourne's CBD, passes houses and astrip shopping centre.

The motorcycle, a 1,000cc Yamaha R1, was impounded by Yarra traffic management unit police for 48 hours.

The rider was interviewed over the offences of exceeding the speed limit and driving at a dangerous speed and is expected to be summonsed to appear incourt.

Just last week the unit's Senior Constable Sam Roach caught another motorcyclist riding through peak-hour traffic on the nearby Eastern Freeway at 200kmh.

"Members at our office have detected a high number of motorists speeding over the last couple of weeks and are making a determined effort to target offenders," Sen Const Roach said.

"I have impounded five vehicles in the last week alone for excessive speed,including another motorcycle caught travelling at 200kmh.

"It constantly amazes me that people are willing to risk their lives and the lives of others on our roads."

Under Victorian anti-hoon laws, police have the power to impound vehicles for dangerous or careless driving including excessive speed.

Vehicles are impounded for 48 hours for a first offence.

A court can remove a vehicle for up to three months for a second hoon offence and can order the owner to forfeit the vehicle for a third offence.

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