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NSW: Tourists spend27 billion in NSW, report

05 Nov 2008 6:19 PM
NSW: Tourists spend27 billion in NSW, report

SYDNEY, Nov 5 AAP - Tourists to NSW spent27 billion last year, a new report released by the NSW government shows.

The report, released by NSW Tourism Minister Jodi McKay, found that27 billion was spent across the state in 2006-07, trumping the21.6 billion spent in Queensland, and the16.9 billion in Victoria.

The report found tourism was responsible for 157,802 jobs in NSW.

More than 32 per cent of all Australian tourism jobs were located in the state, the study also revealed.

"Tourism drives the economy and creates good jobs," Ms McKay said in a statement.

"This new report reveals the impact of tourism in NSW is greater than any other state in both investment and jobs."

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