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VIC: Police red faced as guns fall from car

06 Nov 2008 1:05 PM

MELBOURNE, Nov 6 AAP - Up to 15 guns confiscated in an amnesty were strewn over a busy Geelong road after falling out of a Victorian police vehiclewhile being transported for destruction.

Two police officer were taking between 10 and 15 guns to the state forensicscience lab in Melbourne for destruction as part of a gun amnesty.

A police spokeswoman said the car was travelling on Bacchus Marsh Road in the Geelong suburb of Corio, south-west of Melbourne shortly after 9am (AEDT) today.

"They were being transported in the back of the (Ford) Territory. For some reason which is unknown the lock has popped and the firearms have fallen out, approximately 10 to 15 assorted different firearms," the spokeswoman said.

"The members (police) have realised immediately and recovered the weapons off the road.

"They did a stocktake and all the guns have been accounted for, and they continued on their way to the state forensic science lab where they've done asecond stocktake and again all the weapons have been accounted for, obviously."

She could not confirm what type of guns were in the vehicle, but insisted the weapons were disabled.

"The vehicle was transporting the guns and they'd been deemed safe because they'd been handed in as part of the amnesty, they certainly were not loaded with any ammunition whatsoever," the spokeswoman said.

There was "no danger to the public", she said.

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