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Qld: LNP takes stand on recycled water

07 Nov 2008 3:38 PM

BRISBANE, Nov 7 AAP - The Queensland opposition says it wants voters to consider next year's state election as a referendum on drinking recycled water.

Liberal National Party (LNP) infrastructure spokeswoman Fiona Simpson said the party was opposed to government plans to pump recycled and treated effluent into south-east Queensland's drinking supply.

Work is well advanced on the pipeline between southern Queensland dams and treatment plants to boost water supplies.

Ms Simpson said the LNP's policy for the 2009 election would be to use recycled water only for power stations, industry and some agriculture.

Its introduction to the drinking supply should only be a last resort, she said.

"There is a lot of legitimate concern over the long term effects and safetyof drinking recycled sewage, hospital and industrial waste water and people deserve to have a say on the matter," Ms Simpson said.

"The Bligh government plans to force the south-east into drinking this waste water, but the LNP are giving people the guarantee that recycled water won't be placed into drinking supplies unless absolutely necessary."

She said the issue was one of the defining differences between the two parties.

The government has expert advice that the recycled water meets international health standards.

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