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NSW: Coogee Bay and Whytes reach agreement on faeces ice cream

07 Nov 2008 11:03 PM

The owners of the Coogee Bay Hotel tonight acknowledged that the family .. who claimed their ice-cream was contaminated with human faeces .. playedno part in placing it there.

After a day-long mediation between the hotel and STEVE and JESSICA WHYTE ..an agreed statement was released .. which says both parties regretted the distress the incident had caused.

The WHYTES had claimed they were dished up a free ice-cream sundae .. containing faeces at an NRL Grand Final function on October 5 .. after complaining they could not hear the televised football game over the pub's loud music.

The statement clears the WHYTES of any involvement in lacing the ice cream with faeces.

The hotel also says it remains determined to find out who was responsible .. and is working with the police and New South Wales Food Authority in their investigation.

The hotel says it has also engaged its own investigators to identify the culprit.

A spokesman for the family won't comment on whether a financial agreement has been reached.