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ASIA: Stem cells treatment developed for diabetes

20 Nov 2008 8:25 PM

SINGAPORE, Nov 20 DPA - A Singapore research team has made a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes by using embryonic stem cells to develop pure insulin-producing cells in mice, a news report said on Thursday.

Dr Lim Sai Kiang and Dr Li Guodong from the Institute of Medical Biology were able to develop an unlimited number of the cells, which when transplanted into diabetic mice, caused the high blood glucose levels of the rodents to decrease, Channel News Asia reported.

The pure insulin-producing cells are similar to those found in the human pancreas, the pan-Asian news network said.

Lim and Li's research, which has been published in two papers, has been recognised as one of the "novel and newsworthy top 10" in cell biology by the American Society for Cell Biology.

The research team said they were confident their work could be applied to human patients.

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