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NSW: One in ten Aussies say work makes them ill

04 Dec 2008 1:27 PM

10 per cent of us believe our jobs make us sick .. and around 50 per cent think bosses need to take responsibility for health and fitness in the workplace.

A survey by global recruitment firm Kelly Services has identified excessive work hours and lack of recognition .. poor morale and excessive expectations as causes of health problems .. stress and sleeplessness for Australians.

13 per cent of workers say the stress of their job makes it hard to sleep at night .. 20 per cent admit they've taken sick leave when they weren't genuinely sick .. and 39 per cent are made to feel guilty about taking time off when they're sick.

Japan has the highest rate of work-related health problems .. followed by Canada .. Ukraine and Finland .. while Australia ranks fourth lowest of the 33 countries surveyed.

Almost 19 thousand Australians were included in the survey.