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Vic: Police warned to improve image after shooting

17 Dec 2008 7:13 PM

Victoria Police have been warned the fatal shooting of a teenage boy last week has sent relations with the community to a dangerous low.

Crime expert JULIAN BONDY says the force faces a long summer dealing with hostile young people angry over the death of 15-year-old TYLER CASSIDY .. who was shot by three officers in a Melbourne park last week.

Dr BONDY says the wider community's also disillusioned with police .. after another fatal shooting of a young man in Melbourne in May and corruption charges against senior figures NOEL ASHBY and PAUL MULLETT.

He's urged the force to spend more time on old-fashioned community policing .. like walking the beat and attending burglaries .. and less time intimidating people through driving Hummers and wearing combat gear.

TYLER'S funeral will be held today at St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Clifton Hill.

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