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US: Schwarzenegger has presidency in his sights

23 Dec 2008 5:13 AM

LOS ANGELES, Dec 22 DPA - Former action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger has not satiated his political ambitions by serving as California governor.

The Austrian-born superstar has revealed in an interview on 60 Minutes that he would "absolutely" like to be United States president if the Constitution could be changed to allow foreign-born Americans to run for the White House.

"Well, you're a man of no small ambition. If the Constitution was changed, you'd like to be president, wouldn't you?" 60 Minutes journalist Scott Pelley asked.

"Yeah, absolutely," Schwarzenegger replied. "I think that I am always a person that looks for the next big goal. And I love challenges.

"I always set goals that are so high, that are almost impossible to achieve. Because then, you're always hungry for climbing and climbing. Because it's always interesting. The climb is always interesting. When you get there you just have to pick another goal."

For now, it would be impossible for him to become president.

Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria and became a US citizen in 1983, is not a "natural born citizen" of the US, as required by the Constitution.

There might also be some other problems. Despite his election in 2003 on promises to fix California's financial system, the state now finds itself in the worst fiscal crisis in its history, with officials warning that it will run out of cash early in the new year.

Schwarzenegger still has two years left to serve.

However, he clearly believes he has the talent for the country's top job, with his past career giving him an advantage enjoyed by his predecessor as California governor, former president Ronald Reagan.

"People think show business was in Hollywood, but I think Reagan was absolutely right," Schwarzenegger said. "If he wouldn't have the training in acting, this would have been a very difficult job."