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FED: Labor denies trialling flawed internet censorship technology

23 Dec 2008 7:16 PM

CANBERRA, Dec 23 AAP - The federal government has distanced itself from a report that found internet censorship technology under consideration is seriously flawed.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says the Internet Industry Association (IIA) report was commissioned and paid for by the former Howard government.

It was "not an analysis of the ALP's policy", he said.

The report concluded schemes to block inappropriate content - such as child pornography - could slow the internet and result in over- and under-blocking of material.

Senator Conroy denied Labor was trialling the technology in spite of the report's negative findings.

"The government is aware of technical concerns raised in the report, and that is why we are conducting a pilot, to put these claims to the test," Senator Conroy said in a statement.

"The live pilot trial will provide evidence on the real world impacts of content filtering, including for providers and internet users.

"It will provide an invaluable opportunity for internet service providers to inform the government's approach."

The trial is due to begin in mid-January.

Senator Conroy said the IIA report simply involved reviewing existing literature and interviews and surveys.

"It involved no empirical testing of filtering technology."