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NSW: Thieves and con artists work during the holidays: Kelly

"By taking a few simple measures, families can safeguard against break and enter, theft and robbery."
24 Dec 2008 5:00 AM

SYDNEY, Dec 24 AAP - NSW police minister Tony Kelly is urging residents to be on their guard as this is the time of the year that thieves and con artists strike.

"Holiday season is a time of the year when thieves take advantage of empty homes so I'm asking everyone to be especially vigilant this summer, he said in a statement.

Mr Kelly also urged those staying at home to remain vigilant.

"Con artists often prey on the generous nature of the public at Christmas, so I'd strongly discourage letting any strangers into your house," Mr Kelly said.

The state government recommends holiday travellers use quality locks to secure their garage, lock all windows and doors and remove all valuables from their vehicles.