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Feature Story
Merchant of gloom makes a bet

An academic who expects zero interest rates within two years and a 40 per cent drop in house prices has promised to walk from Canberra to the top of Australia's highest mountain if he's wrong.

University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance STEVE KEEN made the bet with Macquarie Group interest rate strategist RORY ROBERTSON.


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Feature Story Consumers happier as interest rates tumble

CANBERRA, Dec 10 AAP - Big interest rate cuts, a huge cash injection from the government and tumbling petrol prices have bolstered the spirits of consumers.

And it is not just retailers that may benefit - demand for home loans has also increased, including from first-time buyers.

Feature Story Aussie escapes jet crash inferno

MELBOURNE, Dec 9 AAP - Australian Bill Dusting's life depended on a split second decision whether to turn left or right in San Diego on Monday.

He was running in blind panic from a pilot-less jet fighter aircraft that seemed to have him firmly in its in sights as it plunged to earth.

Feature Story Hotel brawl proof of need for new pub laws: Rees

SYDNEY, Dec 8 AAP - A brawl involving up to 600 people outside a western Sydney bar is proof tougher regulations are needed to curb alcohol-related violence, says NSW Premier Nathan Rees.

Police had to call in the riot squad, Pol Air helicopter and the dog squad to disperse the crowd outside Parramatta's Roxy Hotel about 11.45pm (AEDT) on Sunday.

Feature Story Govt inactive as author remains in Thai jail, family says

MELBOURNE, Dec 7 AAP - The family of an Australian author who is in a Thai jail accused of insulting the nation's royal family says the federal government has not done enough to secure his freedom.

Former Melbourne man Harry Nicolaides was arrested on August 31 at Bangkok Airport on his way back to Australia.

Feature Story US preparing for troop buildup in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, Dec 5 AP - The US military is beginning a massive building effort in Afghanistan to house the roughly 20,000 additional troops, including an undetermined increase in marines, that are expected to begin pouring in early next year, a top military officer said on Friday.

Major General Michael Tucker, deputy commander for operations for US forces in Afghanistan, told reporters military leaders are anticipating a "very active winter" of insurgency attacks.

Feature Story World must learn to live with terror: conference told

ADELAIDE, Dec 4 AAP - The world must learn to live with terrorist attacks like those in Mumbai, a conference has been told in Adelaide.

University of Adelaide associate professor Michael Roberts told the Globalising Religions and Cultures conference on Thursday that the group involved in the attacks were not mindless fanatics and showed reasoning behind the targets they chose.

Feature Story RBA rate cut likely to last big move in this cycle-economist

SYDNEY, Dec 2 AAP - The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has slashed official interest rates to the lowest level in in six and a half years, and more cuts are on the way.

The cash rate was lowered to 4.25 per cent, from 5.25 per cent, for the first time since May 7, 2002.

Feature Story Aussies are staying at home more in hard economic times

SYDNEY, Dec 1 AAP - Aussies are having a quiet one at home as they prepare to scale back on eating and entertaining out of home, a study has found.

During these challenging economic times, there is a trend for consumers to cut back on large purchases while continuing to spend on little luxuries.

House Harris News Editor Selected
Todays Main Feature Story
Man pointed gun at police in dramatic arrest

11 Dec 2008 10:29 AM

SYDNEY, Dec 11 AAP - A man pointed a gun at police before surrendering in a dramatic arrest in the carpark of a club which had just been held up, police say.

Police have charged four men after staff at a licensed club were confronted by two men wearing balaclavas and armed with a shotgun in Hexham in the NSW Hunter region about 11.30pm (AEDT) on Wednesday.

One man was arrested at gunpoint by officers from the State Protection Support Unit in the carpark as the pair made their getaway, police said.

"Police will allege one of the men pointed a firearm at police before he surrendered the weapon and was arrested," a police statement said.

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Ongoing News As It Arrives From The Editor
House Harris News

Qld: Agent Orange contaminant found in soil near Brisbane River
BRISBANE, Dec 12 AAP - Dioxin, a toxic chemical used in the defoliant Agent Orange, has been found in soil near the Brisbane River.

ASIA: Mumbai united for peaceful protest after attacks
MUMBAI, Dec 12 AFP - Tens of thousands of people joined hands in a show of solidarity on the streets of Mumbai on Friday to symbolise their unity and resilience following the devastating attacks that left 172 dead, including nine gunmen.

Vic: Family hits out at police who shot dead teenage boy
MELBOURNE, Dec 12 AAP - The family of a boy shot dead by police have vowed to fight for their "scared little boy," saying the officers involved had "pursued ... surrounded and hunted" down the teenager.

Aust dollar backfires on stalled car rescue
SYDNEY, Dec 12 AAP - The Australian dollar closed weaker as a stalled US Senate car sector rescue plan caused risk appetite to backfire in late trade.

Tokyo stocks slide seven per cent on US auto deadlock
Tokyo's Nikkei stock index has slumped more than seven per cent after the US Senate failed to pass a rescue plan for ailing automakers .. sending the dollar down to a 13-year low against the yen.

Vic: Police shooting victim was "easygoing" boy, school says
MELBOURNE, Dec 12 AAP - A teenager who was shot and killed after allegedly threatening police was a "lovely young man" showing great promise in his hospitality studies, a manager at his school said on Friday.

NSW: Heroin hidden in lollies: AFP
SYDNEY, Dec 12 AAP - A Sydney man has been charged after a kilogram of heroin was found hidden inside packets of lollies posted to Australia from Vietnam.

Vic: Family of boy attacks police =3D 2
Family and friends say witnesses have told them the police chased Tyler down and cornered and surrounded him in the skate park.

Vic: Police name youth shot dead by officers
MELBOURNE, Dec 12 AAP - The 15-year-old male youth shot dead by police in Melbourne's north has been named as Tyler Cassidy.

ASIA: Dreams may no longer be secret with Japan computer screen
A Japanese research team says it's working on technology that'll one day display what people think and dream on a computer screen.

Vic: Police shoot teenager dead in skate park standoff
MELBOURNE, Dec 12 AAP - A teenager who allegedly confronted four police with two knives has been shot dead following a standoff in a skate park in Melbourne's inner north.

Vic: Man shot dead by police
It's understood the shooting happened soon after a young man walked into a Kmart store in the shopping centre and demanded knives.

ASIA: Two shot dead in Thailand's troubled south: police
NARATHIWAT, Thailand, Dec 11 AFP - Separatist militants shot dead two people including a Buddhist vendor in separate attacks in Thailand's restive Muslim-majority south on Thursday, police said.

Vic: Man shot dead by police
MELBOURNE, Dec 11 AAP - A man has been shot dead by police in a park in Melbourne's inner north.

SA: Search on for three police missing in SA outback
ADELAIDE, Dec 11 AAP - A search has been launched for three police officers believed to be trapped after heavy rains in outback South Australia.

NSW: Judge orders serial sex offender's release from jail
A New South Wales Supreme Court judge has ordered the release of serial sex offender JOHN ALAN WILDE.

Rio Tinto job cuts rock Australian families
BRISBANE, Dec 11 AAP - Hundreds of Australian mining families face an uncertain Christmas following minerals giant Rio Tinto's decision to slash 14,000 jobs worldwide.

Jobless rate rises in Nov, expected to go higher, economists say
SYDNEY, Dec 11 AAP - The jobless rate inched up to its highest level in 12 months in November and economists expect much greater levels of unemployment next year as the nation grapples with the prospect of recession.

Aust shares close down with all sectors weaker
SYDNEY, Dec 11 AAP - The Australian share market closed about one per cent weaker with losses in most sectors as traders looked to make short-term gains.

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