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Standing Wager
Merchant of gloom makes a bet

29 Nov 2008 2:30 AM

An academic who expects zero interest rates within two years and a 40 per cent drop in house prices has promised to walk from Canberra to the top of Australia's highest mountain if he's wrong.

University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance STEVE KEEN made the bet with Macquarie Group interest rate strategist RORY ROBERTSON.


High Scores Longest Chase
Police chase stolen car 250km from Wagga to Canberra

20 Jan 2009 12:21 PM

CANBERRA, Jan 20 AAP - Police have arrested a 26-year-old man in Canberra following a 250km high-speed car chase that started in south-western NSW.

NSW police started pursuing the stolen car in Wagga Wagga on Tuesday morning and ACT Policing took up the chase when the driver crossed the border into the territory.


High Scores
Police dissappointed by young drivers

14 Dec 2008 4:28 PM

Police have arrested a man for driving at 237 kilometres-an-hour on Sydney's Hume Highway.

And .. they say they are extremely disappointed with instances of irresponsible driving by young and inexperienced motorists overnight.


High Scores Possible New Blow
Man blows six times legal limit

31 Dec 2008 2:16 PM

BRISBANE, Dec 31 AAP - Queensland police have caught a man with an alleged blood alcohol reading more than six times the legal limit.

A 28-year-old man from Peak Crossing was stopped overnight for a random breath test in the nearby town of Boonah, south-west of Brisbane, and allegedly blew .303 per cent.


High Scores
P-plate driver returned blood alcohol reading of 0.265

06 Dec 2008 8:18 AM

SYDNEY, Dec 6 AAP - A P-plate driver has returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.265 after allegedly flagging down a police car in northern NSW.

Police said a 26-year-old woman had her licence confiscated after she returned a high-range PCA reading near Tamworth about 8pm (AEDT) on Friday.


Porsche vs Bikes
Porsche and motorcycles in 224km/h road race

20 Dec 2008 4:24 PM

SYDNEY, Dec 20 AAP - The drivers of a Porsche and two motorcycles have had their vehicles confiscated after reaching speeds of more than 220km/h in an alleged road race.

Police say the three men were racing along a 100km/h zone of the Pacific Highway on the far north NSW coast on Saturday about 10.40am (AEST).


Turbo Rice vs RX7
Two drivers to stand trial over passenger death

15 Dec 2008 5:38 PM

MELBOURNE, Dec 15 AAP - Two young men accused of drag racing before a crash that killed a 15-year-old boy will stand trial.

Mitchell Cairnduff, of Wheelers Hill, died when a turbo-charged Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Jarrod Rooke hit a taxi at 120km/h, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.


High Scores Oldest Hoon
I'm a skilled driver, says 78yo hoon

By Michelle Draper 06 Jan 2009 5:31 PM

MELBOURNE, Jan 6 AAP - A 78-year-old hoon caught speeding at 170km/h on a narrow country road on New Year's Day told police he was a skilled race driver.

Victorian Premier John Brumby, however, was not impressed with John Belfield's claims, labelling Australia's oldest hoon driver an "idiot", while police said he was toying with death.i


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Feature Story Russia, Obama clinch deals to revive ties

MOSCOW, July 5 AFP - US and Russian leaders Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev have announced agreements on nuclear arms cuts and Afghanistan as they seek a new era in battered relations.

The two sides issued a joint declaration on replacing a key disarmament treaty, including figures for reductions in nuclear warheads, and clinched a breakthrough deal for US military transit for Afghanistan across Russia.


Feature Story Iraq death toll spikes as US troops leave cities

BAGHDAD, July 1 AFP - Bombings in the lead-up to the pullback of US forces from Iraq's towns and cities have resulted in the bloodiest death toll seen in the conflict-hit nation in 11 months, official figures show.

About 437 people were killed in June, government ministries announced on Wednesday as Iraqi forces officially took charge in the country's urban areas a day after the pullout of American troops six years after the invasion.


Feature Story Baghdad parties ahead of US pullout

BAGHDAD, June 29 AFP - Tens of thousands of Iraqis partied amid massive security in Baghdad on Monday to mark the imminent pullout of US troops from urban areas and celebrate the restive nation's reclaimed sovereignty.

The American pullback, agreed under a security accord signed last year, will be completed on Tuesday, which has been declared a national holiday, but soldiers and police were out in force as festivities began.


Feature Story Fewer see Turnbull capable of leadership: survey

CANBERRA, June 29 AAP - The news doesn't get any better for Malcolm Turnbull with a fourth opinion poll questioning his ability to lead the opposition, his honesty and his vision for the party.

The weekly Essential Research online survey found Mr Turnbull's disapproval rating spiked to 57 per cent, up from 49 per cent in May, while his approval rating was down six points to 24 per cent.


Feature Story Exact details of Jackson death remain unclear

LOS ANGELES, June 26 AP - The final act of Michael Jackson's life came into clearer focus on Friday, a picture of a fallen superstar under the care of his own private cardiologist as he tried to get his 50-year-old body in shape for a gruelling bid to reclaim his glory.

While the exact circumstances of his death remained unclear, early clues suggested he may simply have pushed his heart too far.


Feature Story Solar users to be paid for excess energy, NSW govt

SYDNEY, June 23 AAP - Solar-savvy households will be paid up to $900 a year to generate their own electricity under a NSW government plan to boost renewable energy.

Under the 20-year scheme, residents plus some schools, small businesses and community groups will be paid 60 cents per kilowatt hour - four times the average cost of electricity.


Feature Story EU rejects Iran interference claims as 'unacceptable'

BRUSSELS, June 22 AFP - The European Union has rejected Iran's claims of EU interference in presidential elections there as "baseless and unacceptable".

"The EU considers the accusations made by various Iranian authorities towards the EU and its member states concerning European interference in the Iranian elections as baseless and unacceptable," a statement said on Monday.


Feature Story Iranian protesters clash with police, defying ultimatum

TEHRAN, June 20 AFP - Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets of Tehran in defiance of an ultimatum from supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for an end to protests over last week's disputed presidential election.

A suicide bomber meanwhile struck a key regime monument -- the south Tehran mausoleum of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, killing himself and wounding three pilgrims, state media reported.


Feature Story Khamenei says Iran protests must end

TEHRAN, June 19 AFP - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has demanded an end to street protests over last week's disputed presidential election, siding with declared winner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Making his first public appearance on Friday after daily demonstrations against the results, he ruled out any major fraud in the election and warned that defeated candidates would be held to account over any renewed violence on the streets.


Feature Story Iran takes centre stage at Twitter conference

NEW YORK, June 18 AFP - Some members of the audience in the darkened New York theatre had paid nearly $US1,200 ($A1,515) for their seats.

But they weren't settling in to watch a hit Broadway musical.


Feature Story Anti-Ahmadinejad protesters flock to banned demo

TEHRAN, June 15 AFP - "Give back our votes!" hundreds of thousands of Iranians both young and old chanted on Monday at a banned opposition rally in Tehran protesting at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed election win.

Defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi also attended the rally in his first public appearance since Friday's poll which he has branded a "charade."


Feature Story Iran protests mount as Ahmadinejad wins landslide

TEHRAN, June 13 AFP - Hardline incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won a landslide victory in Iran's hotly-disputed presidential vote, according to official results on Saturday that triggered mass opposition protests and furious complaints of cheating from his defeated rivals.

Riot police clashed with protesters in unrest not seen for a decade as thousands of supporters of main challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi took to the streets shouting "Down with the Dictator" after final results showed Ahmadinejad winning almost 63 per cent of the vote.


Feature Story Don't worry, it's just a pandemic

PARIS, June 11 AFP - Now it's official: we have a flu pandemic. But what does it mean?

For many, the term may be tinged with fear. It evokes folk memories of three influenza pandemics that erupted last century and claimed tens of millions of lives.


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Main Feature Story
Leading economies agree to battle protectionism, warming

by Dave Clark Fri Jul 10 03:46:00 EST 2009

L'AQUILA, Italy, July 9 AFP - The world's biggest economies have agreed to fight protectionism and limit global warming as the major emerging powers confront the Group of Eight rich nations at their Italian summit.

Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mexico and South Africa joined an expanded G8 on its second day on Thursday, determined that US president Barack Obama and his wealthy partners pay the lion's share of the bill for solving the economic crisis.

These six developing countries agreed with the big eight -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States -- that they would oppose protectionism and move quicker towards a global trade deal.

"We confirm our commitment to maintain and promote open markets and reject all protectionist measures," the expanded group, known at the summit as the G14, said in its post talks statement on Thursday, seen by AFP.

"We are committed to seek an ambitious and balanced conclusion to the Doha developmental round in 2010," it added, setting a deadline for the resolution of a long-delayed global trade agreement.

The emerging powers, long wary of shackling their growth potential through limiting their carbon emissions, also bowed to pressure from the industrialised world to agree a climate change target, but not without a fight.

Continued .....

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Analysis: Jakarta blasts show militants resilient
JAKARTA, July 17 AP - Twin hotel bombings on Friday appear to show the resilience of al-Qaeda-linked militants in Indonesia despite a crackdown that many assumed had left them seriously weakened.

Fed: "Grave concerns" for Australians caught in Jakarta blasts
SYDNEY, July 17 AAP - The federal government was working on Friday night to confirm the identities of three Australians believed to have been killed in the Indonesian terrorist hotel blasts.

ASIA: Terror stalks Indonesia as hotel bombs kill at least 8
JAKARTA, July 17 AFP/AP/AAP - High-explosive bombs tore through two luxury hotels in Jakarta on Friday, killing at least eight people including foreigners as terrorism returned to the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Fe: Perth businessman among Jakarta bomb blast dead
PERTH, July 17 AAP - Perth businessman Nathan Verity is one of the eight people killed in the Jakarta bomb blasts, a friend and business colleague says.

Vic: Fire at Spotlight store in Sth Melb
A large fire has broken out at fabric and home interior store in inner Melbourne.

WA: Perth businessman one of two Australians killed in Indon
PERTH, July 17 AAP - Perth businessman Nathan Verity is believed to be one of two Australians killed in the Jakarta hotel terrorists bombings.

Fed: Australians feared killed in Jakarta bombings
CANBERRA, July 17 AAP - Trade official Craig Senger is believed to be among two Australians feared killed in the deadly bomb blasts that rocked two Jakarta hotels on Friday, claiming at least eight lives.

UK: British survival experts question Neale's bush ordeal
British survival experts have joined the doubters who've questioned how backpacker JAMIE NEALE survived for 12 days lost in the Blue Mountains.

ASIA: Police say eight died in Jakarta hotel bomb attacks
JAKARTA, July 17 AP - Jakarta's police chief says the bomb attacks on two hotels in Jakarta killed 8 and wounded 50, including 18 foreigners.

Vic: Driver tells of violent impact in tunnel crash
MELBOURNE, July 17 AAP - Truck driver David Kalwig began braking as soon as he entered the Burnley tunnel before sparking the chain of fiery collisions which killed three people, a court has heard.

Qld: Coroner criticises police pursuit in schoolgirl's death
BRISBANE, July 17 AAP - Police should have called off the pursuit of a stolen vehicle before it struck and killed a schoolgirl on a pedestrian crossing, a coroner in Queensland has found.

ASIA: Attacks vindicate government's caution
JAKARTA, July 17 AAP - Australians who live, work and play in Indonesia have been taught a valuable lesson these past seven days.

Vic: Projected death toll based on best medical advice: Roxon
MELBOURNE, July 17 AAP - Australia should brace itself for more fatalities during the current swine flu pandemic, federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon has warned.

Fed: Aust Trade official killed in Jakarta blasts
CANBERRA, July 17 AAP - Australian trade official Craig Senger has been killed in the deadly bomb blasts that rocked two Jakarta hotels, claiming at least nine lives on Friday.

NSW: Make divorce harder, Abbott says
Liberal Party frontbencher TONY ABBOTT would like it made harder for married couples to get a divorce.

ASIA: Australian shot dead at US mine in Indonesia
JAKARTA, July 11 AAP - An Australian has been shot and killed, possibly by a sniper, near a massive gold and copper mine in Indonesia's volatile Papua region.

Vic: School hall burns in Melbourne's southeast
About 40 firefighters are battling a blaze at a school in Melbourne's south-east.

NSW: Armed man steals hotel's takings
SYDNEY, July 11 AAP - A hotel employee has been robbed by an armed gunman while counting money in Sydney's south, police say.

EUR: Rudd fears leaders unable to reach agreement on climate
Rudd and Rasmussen on Thursday signed off on an agreement with 14 other developed and developing countries, including the United States, Britain and China, meeting at L'Aqulia that global warming should be held to two degrees celsius in an attempt to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

NSW: Boatbuilder sentenced to jail over four yachting deaths
SYDNEY, July 10 AAP - A boatbuilder found guilty of manslaughter after four people died when a yacht broke up at sea has been sentenced to three years jail.

Fed: Aussie viewers get new TV shows
SYDNEY, July 10 AAP - A weight loss dancing competition, a new Australian action drama and a show about unruly teenagers will be among fresh offerings for viewers over the coming months.

NSW: Father believes missing daughter was taken by cult
SYDNEY, July 10 AAP - The father of a NSW Central Coast woman missing for seven years says he fears that she has joined a cult.

EUR: 'Historic consensus' at G8 on climate change
L'AQUILA, Italy, July 9 AFP - US President Barack Obama has hailed what he said was an "historic consensus" on battling climate change between the leaders of the world's 17 leading economic powers.

EUR: Leading economies agree to battle protectionism, warming
by Dave Clark

CHN: Hundreds injured in China quake: state media
An earthquake in southwestern China has injured more than 330 people .. 56 of them seriously .. and damaged thousands of homes.

EUR: 'Historic consensus' at G8 on climate change
L'AQUILA, Italy, July 9 AFP - An "historic consensus" on cutting pollution was reached at a G8 summit, US President Barack Obama said on Thursday, adding that developed nations have a responsibility to take the lead on climate change.

Economic downturn keeps lid on housing rents - report
Embargoed until 0100 AEST Friday, July 10

SA: Man kills himself after leaving trail of destruction in SA
ADELAIDE, July 9 AAP - He rolled a car, stabbed a policeman, stole the officer's patrol car and ran a man over on the way to a remote property where he sexually assaulted an elderly woman.

EUR: Obama gets jersey, and maybe a dig, from Brazil
L'AQUILA, Italy, July 9 AP - President Barack Obama seemed pleased with the gift he received on Thursday from Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, but it was bittersweet nonetheless.

AFR: Obama to push Africa democracy on landmark visit
ACCRA, July 9 AFP - Posters of Barack Obama have festooned the streets of the Ghanaian capital days before the first visit to sub-Saharan Africa by the first black US president.

US: US military releases Afghan news over Facebook
WASHINGTON, July 6 AFP - The US military used the social networking site Facebook to announce new tactics for its forces in Afghanistan, long before it issued the news through a standard press release.

EUR: Global swine flu infections pass 90,000: WHO
GENEVA, July 6 AFP - Swine flu has infected 94,512 people worldwide and been blamed for 429 deaths since it was first detected in April, the World Health Organisation said on Monday.

CIS: Russia allows US troops, arms transit to Afghanistan
MOSCOW, July 6 AFP - Russia has authorised the use of its airspace for the transit of US troops and arms to Afghanistan, according to an agreement announced on Monday during US president Barack Obama's visit to Moscow.

CIS: Russia, Obama clinch deals to revive ties
MOSCOW, July 5 AFP - US and Russian leaders Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev have announced agreements on nuclear arms cuts and Afghanistan as they seek a new era in battered relations.

CIS: Obama wins Russian support on Afghanistan
MOSCOW, July 6 AFP - US president Barack Obama has won Russian support for the war in Afghanistan with a breakthrough agreement allowing a dozen flights a day to transit US troops and weapons over Russian territory.

UK: World's oldest Christian Bible digitized
LONDON, July 6 AP - The British Library says the surviving pages of the world's oldest Christian Bible have been reunited - digitally.

CIS: Medvedev, Obama sign declaration on weapons cuts
MOSCOW, July 6 AFP - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and US President Barack Obama signed a declaration on Monday pledging to reach a new nuclear arms reduction pact to replace the 1991 START accord, the White House said.

CIS: Russia, Obama seek new page in ties
by Anna Smolchenko

CIS:Russia hopes to close 'difficult pages' in US ties: Medvedev
MOSCOW, July 6 AFP - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told visiting US President Barack Obama on Monday he hoped that their summit would close difficult pages in US-Russian relations.

CIS: Obama in Moscow to revive troubled Russia ties
by Stuart Williams

CIS: Russia, US agree summit text on weapons cuts: report
MOSCOW, July 6 AFP - US and Russian officials have agreed the text of a declaration to be signed by the two countries' presidents on a framework for replacing a key Cold War-era disarmament treaty, a report said on Monday.

UK: Britain says eighth Tehran embassy worker freed
LONDON, July 6 AFP - Britain has confirmed that Iran has released an eighth staff member of the British embassy in Tehran, leaving one still in detention.

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