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[TXT][16:58:39]AAP-US: All is possible in America, Obama says as he makes history.html2008-11-05 06:37 5.6K 
[TXT][17:03:36]AAP-US: Democrats gain new grip on US Senate.html2008-11-05 01:03 4.6K 
[TXT][17:06:27]AAP-ASIA: Stocks, dollar rise as Obama takes White House.html2008-11-05 06:45 2.3K 
[TXT][17:08:19]AAP-Economic outlook just keeps on getting gloomier.html2008-11-05 01:08 5.1K 
[TXT][17:14:54]AAP-US: Raucous Obama victory party reaches White House gates.html2008-11-05 01:14 3.8K 
[TXT][17:19:08]AAP-ASIA: Afghanistan welcomes Obama-s election.html2008-11-05 01:19 2.0K 
[TXT][17:26:55]AAP-Fed: PM Rudd says Obama has realised Martin Luther King dream.html2008-11-05 01:26 2.3K 
[TXT][17:32:38]AAP-UK: Britain-s Brown hails Obama-s -vision for the future-.html2008-11-05 01:32 1.8K 
[TXT][17:54:06]AAP-Westpac cuts standard variable home loan rate by 65bps.html2008-11-05 01:54 3.8K 
[TXT][18:02:23]AAP-Aust dollar stronger as Obama wins election.html2008-11-05 02:02 4.6K 
[TXT][18:09:28]AAP-US: Fear and loathing as Republicans digest Obama defeat.html2008-11-05 02:09 5.6K 
[TXT][18:26:11]AAP-NSW: Man beaten to death, body dumped in river: police.html2008-11-05 02:26 2.2K 
[TXT][18:26:59]AAP-ANZ cuts variable home loan interest rate by 58bps -3D2.html2008-11-05 02:26 2.5K 
[TXT][18:34:34]AAP-ASIA: Afghan villagers say air strikes kill civilians.html2008-11-05 02:34 2.4K 
[TXT][19:03:49]AAP-All four big banks have now cut home loan interest rates.html2008-11-05 03:03 5.0K 
[TXT][19:59:04]AAP-ASIA: 42 dead, nine missing following Philippine ferry accident<.html2008-11-05 03:59 3.3K 
[TXT][20:02:16]AAP-Fed: Obama victory opens up new possibilities: Smith.html2008-11-05 04:02 2.9K 
[TXT][20:02:16]AAP-Hong Kong share prices close 3.2 per cent higher.html2008-11-05 04:02 2.1K 
[TXT][20:02:16]AAP-MID: Iran army warns US forces to steer clear of borders.html2008-11-05 04:02 3.3K 
[TXT][20:30:33]AAP-QLD: Police criticised in fake search warrant scam.html2008-11-05 04:30 3.8K 
[TXT][20:38:50]AAP-Fed: Aust embrace Obama for president.html2008-11-05 04:38 5.4K 
[TXT][20:40:49]AAP-US: Fear and loathing as Republicans digest Obama defeat.html2008-11-05 04:40 2.4K 
[TXT][20:40:49]AAP-US: Obama not seen abandoning Iraq: FM.html2008-11-05 04:40 4.8K 
[TXT][20:42:33]AAP-US: Obama victory is an electoral map blowout.html2008-11-05 04:42 5.5K 
[TXT][20:43:43]AAP-MID: Barrage of rockets after six killed in Gaza: military.html2008-11-05 04:43 3.6K 
[TXT][20:45:40]AAP-ASIA: Afghanistan welcomes Obama-s election.html2008-11-05 04:45 3.4K 
[TXT][20:54:46]AAP-EUR: Merkel congratulates Obama on -historic- White House win.html2008-11-05 04:54 2.5K 
[TXT][22:05:58]AAP-Two per cent growth is something to brag about.html2008-11-05 06:05 5.3K 
[TXT][22:16:02]AAP-Fed: Aust embrace Obama for president.html2008-11-05 06:35 5.4K 
[TXT][22:19:45]AAP-NSW: Tourists spend27 billion in NSW, report.html2008-11-05 06:27 2.4K 
[TXT][22:53:59]AAP-ASIA: World leaders voice hopes over Obama.html2008-11-05 06:54 2.8K 
[TXT][23:06:15]AAP-NT: Three dead in less than 24 hours on NT roads.html2008-11-05 07:06 2.5K 
[TXT][23:27:21]AAP-CIS: Russia to base missiles on EU border: Medvedev.html2008-11-05 07:27 2.8K 
[TXT][23:42:17]AAP-CIS: Russian leader hits out at US, urges fresh start.html2008-11-05 07:42 5.8K 
[TXT][23:52:56]AAP-EUR: World parties as Obama wins historic US election.html2008-11-05 07:53 6.4K 
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