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Standing Wager
Merchant of gloom makes a bet

29 Nov 2008 2:30 AM

An academic who expects zero interest rates within two years and a 40 per cent drop in house prices has promised to walk from Canberra to the top of Australia's highest mountain if he's wrong.

University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance STEVE KEEN made the bet with Macquarie Group interest rate strategist RORY ROBERTSON.


High Scores Longest Chase
Police chase stolen car 250km from Wagga to Canberra

20 Jan 2009 12:21 PM

CANBERRA, Jan 20 AAP - Police have arrested a 26-year-old man in Canberra following a 250km high-speed car chase that started in south-western NSW.

NSW police started pursuing the stolen car in Wagga Wagga on Tuesday morning and ACT Policing took up the chase when the driver crossed the border into the territory.


High Scores
Police dissappointed by young drivers

14 Dec 2008 4:28 PM

Police have arrested a man for driving at 237 kilometres-an-hour on Sydney's Hume Highway.

And .. they say they are extremely disappointed with instances of irresponsible driving by young and inexperienced motorists overnight.


High Scores Possible New Blow
Man blows six times legal limit

31 Dec 2008 2:16 PM

BRISBANE, Dec 31 AAP - Queensland police have caught a man with an alleged blood alcohol reading more than six times the legal limit.

A 28-year-old man from Peak Crossing was stopped overnight for a random breath test in the nearby town of Boonah, south-west of Brisbane, and allegedly blew .303 per cent.


High Scores
P-plate driver returned blood alcohol reading of 0.265

06 Dec 2008 8:18 AM

SYDNEY, Dec 6 AAP - A P-plate driver has returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.265 after allegedly flagging down a police car in northern NSW.

Police said a 26-year-old woman had her licence confiscated after she returned a high-range PCA reading near Tamworth about 8pm (AEDT) on Friday.


Porsche vs Bikes
Porsche and motorcycles in 224km/h road race

20 Dec 2008 4:24 PM

SYDNEY, Dec 20 AAP - The drivers of a Porsche and two motorcycles have had their vehicles confiscated after reaching speeds of more than 220km/h in an alleged road race.

Police say the three men were racing along a 100km/h zone of the Pacific Highway on the far north NSW coast on Saturday about 10.40am (AEST).


Turbo Rice vs RX7
Two drivers to stand trial over passenger death

15 Dec 2008 5:38 PM

MELBOURNE, Dec 15 AAP - Two young men accused of drag racing before a crash that killed a 15-year-old boy will stand trial.

Mitchell Cairnduff, of Wheelers Hill, died when a turbo-charged Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Jarrod Rooke hit a taxi at 120km/h, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.


High Scores Oldest Hoon
I'm a skilled driver, says 78yo hoon

By Michelle Draper 06 Jan 2009 5:31 PM

MELBOURNE, Jan 6 AAP - A 78-year-old hoon caught speeding at 170km/h on a narrow country road on New Year's Day told police he was a skilled race driver.

Victorian Premier John Brumby, however, was not impressed with John Belfield's claims, labelling Australia's oldest hoon driver an "idiot", while police said he was toying with death.i


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Feature Story Economy makes a comeback - tax the focus

CANBERRA, Aug 18 AAP - The economy has made a comeback as the main topic of debate in parliament, with Labor and the Opposition swapping insults over tax, economic stimulus and debt.

The switch back to the economy comes after the government's carbon pollution reduction scheme was defeated in the Senate last week and brighter economic news that Australia has avoided a recession.


Feature Story Henry cautions against getting too cocky on economy

CANBERRA, Aug 17 AAP - Treasury secretary Ken Henry has cautioned against getting too cocky about the upbeat Australian economy - a second global shockwave may still be lurking in the wings.

And as the nation's top economic bureaucrat tried to put the brakes on expectations, the opposition moved to exploit any residual public concern about Labor's record on the economy.


Feature Story Australia headed for worse economic times, report

SYDNEY, Aug 12 AAP - BIS Shrapnel says that despite the recent run of financial good news, the economy will experience falling household incomes, employment and a 17 per cent decline in business investment over the next 12 months.

Beyond 2010, the economic forecaster expects a solid recovery with economic growth rising to four per cent by 2011-12.


Feature Story Dire warnings from scientists as Sydney marks Hiroshima Day

SYDNEY, Aug 6 AAP - Anti-nuclear campaigners have marked the 64th anniversary of the world's first atomic attack with a plea for Australia to reconsider its uranium exports.

A single nuclear bomb dropped by the US on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killed about 140,000 people.


Feature Story Tearful reunions as Clinton mission raises NKorea hopes

BURBANK, California, Aug 5 AFP - Two US journalists tearfully rejoined their families on Wednesday after Bill Clinton won their freedom on a historic trip to North Korea that opened up new possibilities for dialogue with the nuclear-armed hermit state.

Laura Ling, 32, threw her arms triumphantly in the air as she descended the steps from Clinton's chartered plane in Burbank, California and 36-year-old Euna Lee broke down in tears as she hugged her four-year old daughter Hana.


Feature Story Four remain in custody following anti-terror raids

MELBOURNE, Aug 5 AAP - Four men remained in custody overnight awaiting further questioning over an alleged suicide plot to kill Australian soldiers at a Sydney army barracks.

Four people were arrested and more were being questioned after pre-dawn raids on 19 properties across Melbourne and regional Victoria foiled an alleged plot to attack the Holsworthy army base.


Feature Story Obama to give 16 'agents of change' US Medal of Freedom

WASHINGTON, July 30 AFP - President Barack Obama will next month award the highest US civilian honour to 16 "agents of change" including Desmond Tutu, Stephen Hawking and Muhammad Yunus, the White House said on Thursday.

Obama will present the Presidential Medal of Freedom on August 12 to Tutu, a South African anti-apartheid veteran, British physicist Hawking and Yunus, a Bangladeshi micro-financier who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.


Feature Story NAB first big bank to axe overdrawn fees for personal accounts

SYDNEY, July 29 AAP - National Australia Bank Ltd is the first of the big local banks to abolish overdrawn account fees, which contribute to about $1.2 billion in annual fee revenue for the banking sector.

Consumer groups applauded the move on Wednesday, as other major banks said they were considering following suit.


Feature Story Terror stalks Indonesia as hotel bombs kill at least 8

JAKARTA, July 17 AFP/AP/AAP - High-explosive bombs tore through two luxury hotels in Jakarta on Friday, killing at least eight people including foreigners as terrorism returned to the world's most populous Muslim nation.

Australian trade official Craig Senger and Perth businessman Nathan Verity were believed to be among the victims of the deadly bomb blasts.


Feature Story Leading economies agree to battle protectionism, warming

L'AQUILA, Italy, July 9 AFP - The world's biggest economies have agreed to fight protectionism and limit global warming as the major emerging powers confront the Group of Eight rich nations at their Italian summit.

Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mexico and South Africa joined an expanded G8 on its second day on Thursday, determined that US president Barack Obama and his wealthy partners pay the lion's share of the bill for solving the economic crisis.


Feature Story Russia, Obama clinch deals to revive ties

MOSCOW, July 5 AFP - US and Russian leaders Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev have announced agreements on nuclear arms cuts and Afghanistan as they seek a new era in battered relations.

The two sides issued a joint declaration on replacing a key disarmament treaty, including figures for reductions in nuclear warheads, and clinched a breakthrough deal for US military transit for Afghanistan across Russia.


Feature Story Iraq death toll spikes as US troops leave cities

BAGHDAD, July 1 AFP - Bombings in the lead-up to the pullback of US forces from Iraq's towns and cities have resulted in the bloodiest death toll seen in the conflict-hit nation in 11 months, official figures show.

About 437 people were killed in June, government ministries announced on Wednesday as Iraqi forces officially took charge in the country's urban areas a day after the pullout of American troops six years after the invasion.


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Main Feature Story
Gorgon deal ties Aust economic destiny to China

Thu Aug 20 00:15:31 EST 2009

CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - Australia's economic destiny will be tied to China for the next 20 years after a $50 billion gas deal left the massive Gorgon LNG project on the verge of development.

The $50 billion development of the Greater Gorgon gas fields off Western Australia is virtually assured after the signing of the deal with PetroChina.

It is the biggest ever trade deal in the nation's history and highlights the continuing importance of economic ties between Australia and China.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told parliament it was an important development for the nation's economic future.

The construction phase of the project is expected to create 6,000 jobs, while 3,500 people will be employed when the development is operational.

"This agreement will provide the basis for the creation of thousands of jobs and will also inject billions of dollars into our economy," Mr Rudd said.

"This announcement helps bring the Gorgon project to the verge of reality."

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UK: Swine flu battle moves to cyberspace
LONDON, Aug 19 AFP - The clock is ticking, people are dying and a flu virus is sweeping the globe - that is the scenario of a new computer game designed to make people think about how to respond to the swine flu pandemic.

Fed: Clean energy to soar after historic deal struck
Wind farms and solar panels are set to take over Australia .. with politicians set to pass the government's the Renewable Energy Target scheme today.

US: CBS News pioneer Don Hewitt dies at 86
NEW YORK, Aug 20 AP - Don Hewitt, the CBS Newsman who invented 60 Minutes, has died, the network announced on Wednesday.

PAC: NZ hoax takes in householders who put out junk
WELLINGTON, Aug 19 NZPA - The streets of the New Zealand town of Huntly are piled with rubbish after residents found themselves victims of a hoax.

US:Celbrity twits just can't get enough of microblogging site
PASADENA, California SHNS - When Paula Abdul wanted to make a splash, she didn't call a press conference or give an interview. She used Twitter, the same social-media site where she once told her fans, "Craving some ice cream ... Mmmm."

Gorgon deal ties Aust economic destiny to China
CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - Australia's economic destiny will be tied to China for the next 20 years after a $50 billion gas deal left the massive Gorgon LNG project on the verge of development.

NSW: Woman sought help from course blamed for her psychosis
SYDNEY, Aug 19 AAP - Moments before jumping naked to her death during a psychotic episode, Rebekah Lawrence tried to contact the same self-help program that induced her "lethal psychosis", a Sydney inquest has been told.

FED: Aust on verge of unprecedented LNG expansion: PM
CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - Australia is on the verge of an unprecedented expansion of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

Fed: Labor 'hopeful' of deal with opposition on renewables
CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says she is hopeful of resolving differences with the coalition and crossbench senators over the government's renewable energy legislation.

FED: Turn-bull is a Turn-coat: Fielding
By Cathy Alexander

FED: Wind back stimulus or face higher rates, gov't told
CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - The Rudd government will provoke higher interest rates if stimulus measures aren't immediately wound back, Liberal frontbencher Joe Hockey says.

Global economy improving but caution needed on recovery - RBA
SYDNEY, Aug 19 AAP - The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) says confidence in the global economy is improving, but it urged caution about recovery in a very challenging environment.

Fed: RET deal a win for big polluters: Greens
CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - The coalition's deal with the federal government to pass its renewable energy target (RET) is a win for big polluters, the Australian Greens say.

US: Obama urges action to escape Middle East 'rut'
WASHINGTON, Aug 18 AFP - US President Barack Obama says Middle East peace moves are in a "rut" as visiting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak pushes for swift final status talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

US: Life-giving compound found in space: US scientists
WASHINGTON, Aug 18 AFP - Scientists have uncovered fresh evidence that life could exist beyond Earth, with research published on Tuesday showing that comet dust contained traces of a compound vital to human existence.

US: Five users sue Facebook for being too social a network
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 18 AFP - Five Facebook users are suing the social network for doing what made it an online superstar - letting members share aspects of their lives on the web.

Fed: Huge gas deal boost to Australia's economy
The federal government says a record 50 billion dollar gas export deal with China is a huge boost to Australia's export income .. and will create up to six-thousand jobs.

FED: Australians urged to test for "sneak thief of sight"
An estimated 150 thousand Australians have glaucoma .. an eye disease which leads to irreversible vision loss .. and they don't yet know it.

EUR: Swine flu vaccine orders pass one billion: WHO
PARIS, Aug 18 AFP - Northern hemisphere countries have so far ordered more than one billion doses of swine flu vaccine, the World Health Organisation has said.

UK: Ledger's Joker 'promotes mental health myths'
LONDON, Aug 18 AAP - Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning role as The Joker in the latest Batman blockbuster has been criticised for promoting a misleading and prejudiced view of schizophrenics.

US: US man gets 25 years for transgender hate killing
SYRACUSE, New York, Aug 18 AP - An US man has been sentenced to the maximum 25 years in prison for the hate crime killing of a transgender woman.

US: Guitarist Les Paul to be buried in US hometown
MILWAUKEE, Aug 18 AP - The public will get to pay their respects to guitar virtuoso and inventor Les Paul on Friday in Milwaukee followed by a burial in his Wisconsin hometown of Waukesha.

US: Blood pressure drug could treat multiple sclerosis: study
WASHINGTON, Aug 18 AFP - A drug that is already widely used to control high blood pressure could also have benefits for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, according to a new study.

US: Mubarak firm on final status push in Obama talks
WASHINGTON, Aug 18 AFP - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned Tuesday in talks with President Barack Obama it was time to ditch "temporary solutions" and hold final status talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

US: Conservative columnist Robert Novak dead at 78
WASHINGTON, Aug 18 AFP - Conservative columnist and CNN talk show host Robert Novak died on Tuesday, US media has reported.

US: US stocks rise on better-than-expected earnings
US stocks are up again .. a day after a sharp pullback .. as the market digests better-than-expected company earnings and mixed economic data on housing and inflation.

MID: Egypt warns pharaohs' tombs could disappear
LUXOR, Egypt, Aug 18 AFP - The ornate pharaonic tombs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings are doomed to disappear within 150 to 500 years if they remain open to tourists, the head of antiquities has warned.

US: Obama meets Mubarak at the White House
WASHINGTON, Aug 18 AFP - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak arrived at the White House for talks on Tuesday, urging President Barack Obama to force US-ally Israel to negotiate crucial final status issues with the Palestinians.

Fed: Departing Liddell urges Aust to be bold on climate change
CANBERRA, Aug 18 AAP - British High Commissioner Helen Lidell has a small request of Australia before she leaves the post later this year - be bold on climate change.

MID: Egypt warns pharaohs' tombs could disappear
LUXOR, Egypt, June 1 AFP - The ornate pharaonic tombs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings are doomed to disappear within 150 to 500 years if they remain open to tourists, the head of antiquities has warned.

Telstra fined $101,200 for breaching Do Not Call law
SYDNEY, Aug 18 AAP - Telstra has been forced to pay more than $100,000 after the communications watchdog found one of the telco's call centres had been telemarketing to people on the Do Not Call register.

Fed: Economy makes a comeback - tax the focus
CANBERRA, Aug 18 AAP - The economy has made a comeback as the main topic of debate in parliament, with Labor and the Opposition swapping insults over tax, economic stimulus and debt.

Fed:Devil geneticist and malaria researcher awarded Eureka prize
SYDNEY, Aug 18 AAP - A Sydney geneticist working to cure Tasmanian Devils of cancer has joined a dedicated malaria researcher in winning two of the top Eureka prizes - dubbed the Oscars of Australian science.

US: Cyber crooks riding social-networking wave: report
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 17 AFP - A hacking incident report released Monday warns there has been a steep rise in attacks at social-networking hotspots including wildly popular microblogging service Twitter.

US: Obama denounces Russian truck bomb attack
WASHINGTON, Aug 17 AFP - US President Barack Obama said Monday he was "deeply troubled" by reports of an apparent suicide attack on a police compound in southern Russia that killed at least 20 people.

US: End of the world no time for a snack: Obama
PHOENIX, Arizona, Aug 17 AFP - US President Barack Obama, taking aim at costly military programs of questionable value, said Monday he really did not need a new presidential helicopter with an Armageddon-proof kitchen.

US: Obama warns of more 'senseless' violence in Iraq
PHOENIX, Arizona, Aug 17 AFP - President Barack Obama warned Monday that Iraqis would be tested by more "senseless" violence but vowed the United States would meet its deadline to pull out all troops by the end of 2011.

US: 40 per cent of Twitter messages 'pointless babble': study
WASHINGTON, Aug 17 AFP - Forty per cent of the messages on Twitter are "pointless babble" along the lines of "I am eating a sandwich now," according to a study conducted by a US market research firm.

US: Obama warns of more 'senseless' violence in Iraq
PHOENIX, Arizona, Aug 17 AFP - President Barack Obama warned on Monday that Iraqis would be tested by more "senseless" violence but vowed the United States would meet its deadline to pull out all troops by the end of 2011.

EUR: 'Smallest artificial heart pump' implanted: German hospital
Doctors in Germany have successfully implanted the world's smallest artificial heart pump .. billed as more effective and unobtrusive than earlier devices.

US: Obama warns Afghan victory not 'quick' nor 'easy'
PHOENIX, Arizona, Aug 17 AFP - US President Barack Obama warned Monday that victory over insurgents in Afghanistan would not be "quick" nor "easy," days before an election there was marred by rising Taliban violence.

EUR: NATO launches new anti-piracy operation off Somalia
LISBON, Aug 17 AFP - NATO has launched operation Ocean Shield to help fight rampant piracy off the Horn of Africa after the alliance's North Atlantic Council approved the mission, it said in a statement.

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