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Standing Wager
Merchant of gloom makes a bet

29 Nov 2008 2:30 AM

An academic who expects zero interest rates within two years and a 40 per cent drop in house prices has promised to walk from Canberra to the top of Australia's highest mountain if he's wrong.

University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance STEVE KEEN made the bet with Macquarie Group interest rate strategist RORY ROBERTSON.


High Scores Longest Chase
Police chase stolen car 250km from Wagga to Canberra

20 Jan 2009 12:21 PM

CANBERRA, Jan 20 AAP - Police have arrested a 26-year-old man in Canberra following a 250km high-speed car chase that started in south-western NSW.

NSW police started pursuing the stolen car in Wagga Wagga on Tuesday morning and ACT Policing took up the chase when the driver crossed the border into the territory.


High Scores
Police dissappointed by young drivers

14 Dec 2008 4:28 PM

Police have arrested a man for driving at 237 kilometres-an-hour on Sydney's Hume Highway.

And .. they say they are extremely disappointed with instances of irresponsible driving by young and inexperienced motorists overnight.


High Scores Possible New Blow
Man blows six times legal limit

31 Dec 2008 2:16 PM

BRISBANE, Dec 31 AAP - Queensland police have caught a man with an alleged blood alcohol reading more than six times the legal limit.

A 28-year-old man from Peak Crossing was stopped overnight for a random breath test in the nearby town of Boonah, south-west of Brisbane, and allegedly blew .303 per cent.


High Scores
P-plate driver returned blood alcohol reading of 0.265

06 Dec 2008 8:18 AM

SYDNEY, Dec 6 AAP - A P-plate driver has returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.265 after allegedly flagging down a police car in northern NSW.

Police said a 26-year-old woman had her licence confiscated after she returned a high-range PCA reading near Tamworth about 8pm (AEDT) on Friday.


Porsche vs Bikes
Porsche and motorcycles in 224km/h road race

20 Dec 2008 4:24 PM

SYDNEY, Dec 20 AAP - The drivers of a Porsche and two motorcycles have had their vehicles confiscated after reaching speeds of more than 220km/h in an alleged road race.

Police say the three men were racing along a 100km/h zone of the Pacific Highway on the far north NSW coast on Saturday about 10.40am (AEST).


Turbo Rice vs RX7
Two drivers to stand trial over passenger death

15 Dec 2008 5:38 PM

MELBOURNE, Dec 15 AAP - Two young men accused of drag racing before a crash that killed a 15-year-old boy will stand trial.

Mitchell Cairnduff, of Wheelers Hill, died when a turbo-charged Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Jarrod Rooke hit a taxi at 120km/h, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.


High Scores Oldest Hoon
I'm a skilled driver, says 78yo hoon

By Michelle Draper 06 Jan 2009 5:31 PM

MELBOURNE, Jan 6 AAP - A 78-year-old hoon caught speeding at 170km/h on a narrow country road on New Year's Day told police he was a skilled race driver.

Victorian Premier John Brumby, however, was not impressed with John Belfield's claims, labelling Australia's oldest hoon driver an "idiot", while police said he was toying with death.i


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Feature Story Early election on the table, Rudd hints

MELBOURNE, Sept 10 AAP - A double dissolution may be on the cards if the federal opposition does not pass its health insurance reforms, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has hinted.

The legislation, which would allow the government to means test private health insurance rebates for singles earning more than $75,000 a year and couples earning $150,000 a year, was defeated in the Senate on Wednesday night.


Feature Story Australian stimulus backed by G20 agreement, Swan says

LONDON, Sept 5 AAP - Australia's approach to economic stimulus has been supported by a renewed commitment from G20 nations to carry on with measures to boost the global economy despite signs of a recovery, Treasurer Wayne Swan says.

Speaking after a meeting of finance ministers from the G20 group of developed and developing countries in London on Saturday, Swan said Opposition calls to rein in stimulus spending are out of touch.


Feature Story Australian economy outperforms rest of world

CANBERRA, Sept 2 AAP - The Australian economy grew at its fastest pace in more than a year in the three months to June, buoyed by the federal government's stimulus measures and near record-low interest rates.

Australia is in better shape than other major advanced economies which have suffered at the hands of the global recession, but economists say this means the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is likely to lift interest rates sooner rather than later.


Feature Story Obama touts 'strong alliance' after Japan revolution

WASHINGTON, Aug 31 AFP - US President Barack Obama has called on Tokyo to maintain a strong alliance with Washington, while Asia-Pacific leaders have sought closer ties out of the historic shift in power after Japan's general election.

But Russia's politicians have sent mixed signals and analysts doubt Yukio Hatoyama's centre-left Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) will change much in relations with Moscow, despite his professed desire to improve ties.


Feature Story New solar rebate for houses, renters, businesses

CANBERRA, Aug 20 AAP - All households can get a rebate of up to $7,000 for solar panels under a scheme that passed parliament on Thursday.

And for the first time, there is a rebate for putting panels on the roofs of businesses and rental properties.


Feature Story Gorgon deal ties Aust economic destiny to China

CANBERRA, Aug 19 AAP - Australia's economic destiny will be tied to China for the next 20 years after a $50 billion gas deal left the massive Gorgon LNG project on the verge of development.

The $50 billion development of the Greater Gorgon gas fields off Western Australia is virtually assured after the signing of the deal with PetroChina.


Feature Story Economy makes a comeback - tax the focus

CANBERRA, Aug 18 AAP - The economy has made a comeback as the main topic of debate in parliament, with Labor and the Opposition swapping insults over tax, economic stimulus and debt.

The switch back to the economy comes after the government's carbon pollution reduction scheme was defeated in the Senate last week and brighter economic news that Australia has avoided a recession.


Feature Story Henry cautions against getting too cocky on economy

CANBERRA, Aug 17 AAP - Treasury secretary Ken Henry has cautioned against getting too cocky about the upbeat Australian economy - a second global shockwave may still be lurking in the wings.

And as the nation's top economic bureaucrat tried to put the brakes on expectations, the opposition moved to exploit any residual public concern about Labor's record on the economy.


Feature Story Australia headed for worse economic times, report

SYDNEY, Aug 12 AAP - BIS Shrapnel says that despite the recent run of financial good news, the economy will experience falling household incomes, employment and a 17 per cent decline in business investment over the next 12 months.

Beyond 2010, the economic forecaster expects a solid recovery with economic growth rising to four per cent by 2011-12.


Feature Story Dire warnings from scientists as Sydney marks Hiroshima Day

SYDNEY, Aug 6 AAP - Anti-nuclear campaigners have marked the 64th anniversary of the world's first atomic attack with a plea for Australia to reconsider its uranium exports.

A single nuclear bomb dropped by the US on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killed about 140,000 people.


Feature Story Tearful reunions as Clinton mission raises NKorea hopes

BURBANK, California, Aug 5 AFP - Two US journalists tearfully rejoined their families on Wednesday after Bill Clinton won their freedom on a historic trip to North Korea that opened up new possibilities for dialogue with the nuclear-armed hermit state.

Laura Ling, 32, threw her arms triumphantly in the air as she descended the steps from Clinton's chartered plane in Burbank, California and 36-year-old Euna Lee broke down in tears as she hugged her four-year old daughter Hana.


Feature Story Four remain in custody following anti-terror raids

MELBOURNE, Aug 5 AAP - Four men remained in custody overnight awaiting further questioning over an alleged suicide plot to kill Australian soldiers at a Sydney army barracks.

Four people were arrested and more were being questioned after pre-dawn raids on 19 properties across Melbourne and regional Victoria foiled an alleged plot to attack the Holsworthy army base.


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Main Feature Story
Obama scrapping missile shield for Czech, Poland

By Karel Janicek and William Kole
Thu Sep 17 22:36:13 EST 2009
Thu Sep 17 12:36:13 UTC 2009

PRAGUE, Sept 17 AP - US President Barack Obama has decided to scrap plans for a US missile defence shield in the Czech Republic and Poland that had deeply angered Russia, the Czech prime minister confirmed on Thursday.

NATO's new chief hailed the move as "a positive step" and a Russian analyst said the move will increase the chances that Russia will cooperate more closely with the United States in the dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

Premier Jan Fischer told reporters that Obama phoned him overnight to say that "his government is pulling out of plans to build a missile defence radar on Czech territory."

"The same happened with Poland. Poland was informed in the same way about this intention," Fischer said.

Under the plan, which had been proposed by the Bush administration to defend the United States and its European allies against a possible missile attack from Iran or elsewhere in the Middle East, 10 interceptor rockets were to have been stationed in Poland and a radar system based in the Czech Republic.

But Russia was livid over the prospect of having US interceptor rockets in countries so close to its territory, and the Obama administration has sought to improve strained ties with the Kremlin.

A top Russian lawmaker praised the move.

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EUR: Reporters beaten, jailed over green issues: rights group
PARIS, Sept 17 AP - Journalists face increasing threats when they report on companies and governments damaging the environment, a media rights group says, citing arrests, violence and disappearances of those who denounce deforestation, pollution and other damage.

MID: Israel warns of impending attacks in India
JERUSALEM, Sept 17 AFP - Israel says it has concrete information of plans by the same group that carried out the Mumbai attacks last year to hit Western and Israeli targets in India.

US: World's big polluters kick off climate talks in Washington
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AFP - Representatives of the world's 17 biggest carbon polluters have kicked off a week of high-stakes talks on climate change with a discussion at the US State Department.

US: World's big polluters kick off climate talks in Washington
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AFP - Representatives of the world's 17 biggest carbon polluters have kicked off a week of high-stakes talks on climate change with a discussion at the US State Department.

EUR: NATO chief: US missile shift a 'positive step'
BRUSSELS, Sept 17 AP - NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and European leaders have hailed the US decision to shelve plans for a missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, calling it a welcome step to improving relations with both Russia and Iran.

US: US, Europe offer swine flu vaccine to nations in need
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AFP - The United States, France and Britain are among nine countries that have pledged to make 10 per cent of their swine flu vaccine supply available to other nations that may need it.

US: US to offer 10 per cent of swine flu vaccine abroad: WHouse
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AFP - The United States is prepared to make 10 per cent of its A(H1N1) vaccine supply available to other countries, the White House said on Thursday.

MID: UN report on Gaza war a 'kangaroo court': Netanyahu
JERUSALEM, Sept 17 AFP - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned a damning UN report on the Gaza war as a "kangaroo court", saying it was biased from the start.

US: Public opinion a good predictor of terror attacks: study
CHICAGO, Sept 17 AFP - Public opinion polls are good predictors of terrorist attacks, according to a study which argues that terrorists do not act independently of their countrymen's attitudes.

US: ATM for books in Google print deal
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AFP - More than two million books in the public domain can be turned into instant paperbacks under a deal announced on Thursday between Google and the company behind a high-speed book-printing machine.

US: ATM for books in Google print deal
More than two million books in the public domain can now be turned into instant paperbacks under a deal announced between Google .. and On Demand Books .. the company behind a high-speed book-printing machine.

EUR: Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb
VIENNA Sept 17 AP - Experts at the world's top atomic watchdog are in agreement that Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is on the way to developing a missile system able to carry an atomic warhead, according to a secret report seen by The Associated Press.

EUR: Europe's 'Big Bang' space telescope off to heavenly start
PARIS, Sept 18 AFP - A revolutionary space telescope designed to peek into the remnants of the Big Bang that created the universe has got off to a fine start, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Thursday.

MID: UN report on Gaza war a 'kangaroo court': Netanyahu
JERUSALEM, Sept 17 AFP - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday condemned a damning UN report on the Gaza war as a "kangaroo court," saying it was biased from the start.

UK: UK labor unions approve Israeli goods boycott over Gaza
LONDON, Sept 17 AP - British labour unions agreed on Thursday to support a boycott of some Israeli goods in response to the offensive in Gaza.

US: Obama unveils new missile defense approach in Europe
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AP/AFP - US President Barack Obama on Thursday shelved a Bush-era plan for an Eastern European missile defence plan that has been a major irritant in US relations with Russia.

EUR: Obama scrapping missile shield for Czech, Poland
PRAGUE, Sept 17 AP - US President Barack Obama has decided to scrap plans for a US missile defence shield in the Czech Republic and Poland that had deeply angered Russia, the Czech prime minister confirmed on Thursday.

US: US to scrap plans for missile shield in Europe: WSJ
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 AFP - The United States plans to shelve plans for a missile-defence system based in Poland and the Czech Republic, The Wall Street Journal reports.

CIS: Russia delays Mars probe launch until 2012: report
MOSCOW, Sept 16 AFP - Russia will pushed back its flagship satellite mission to Mars' moon until 2011 in a move which will delay the joint launch of China's first Mars probe, space sources were cited as saying on Wednesday.

US: Quick million for new Dan Brown book
NEW YORK, Sept 16 AP - Dan Brown does it again.

Oly: Obama backs Chicago Olympic bid: 'we want these Games'
WASHINGTON, Sept 16 AFP - US President Barack Obama on Wednesday delivered a strong, personal and highly visible endorsement to the 2016 Olympic bid of his hometown of Chicago, declaring: "we want these Games."

EUR: Greenland icesheet could melt faster than thought: study
PARIS, Sept 16 AFP - The Greenland icesheet responded to global warming over the past 10,000 years more quickly than thought, according to a study released on Wednesday.

EUR: EU calls on US to do more to tackle climate change
BRUSSELS, Sept 16 AFP - The United States must do more to tackle climate change, the EU presidency said Wednesday, in a challenge to US President Barack Obama ahead of a key international summit in Pittsburgh.

US: No decision near on US troops to Afghan war: Obama
WASHINGTON, Sept 16 AP - President Barack Obama says there is no "immediate decision pending" on sending more US troops to Afghanistan.

US: 'Bipartisan' US health bill wins no Republican support
WASHINGTON, Sept 16 AFP - After three months of bipartisan talks, Democratic senator Max Baucus unveiled Tuesday a plan for an $US856 billion ($A991.95 billion) overhaul of US health care but his proposals won no Republican support.

US: Obama maintains drug blacklist of countries
WASHINGTON, Sept 16 AP - US President Barack Obama has made no changes to the annual US list of major illicit drug producers and transit countries.

US: Found: Firm place to stand outside solar system
WASHINGTON, Sept 16 AP - Astronomers have finally found a place outside our solar system where there's a firm place to stand - if only it weren't so broiling hot.

US: Officials say robbers used health care ruse
RIVERHEAD, New York, Sept 15 AP - Prosecutors say a man wearing a stethoscope and a woman holding a clipboard forced their way into a New York home under the guise of distributing pamphlets on President Barack Obama's health care plan and shot the residents before stealing $US4,000 ($A4,642).

CIS: Iran ready for 'constructive' talks with six powers: Russia
MOSCOW, Sept 15 AFP - Iran is ready to hold "constructive talks" with six world powers next month after it submitted new proposals regarding its disputed nuclear programme, the Russian foreign ministry says.

US: Some swine flu victims contagious 8 days or more: studies
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 15 AFP - Some swine flu victims remain contagious more than eight days after their symptoms have vanished, much longer than expected, said two studies presented at a meeting of experts.

EUR: Ilegal downloaders face web ban in France
PARIS, Sept 15 AFP - A bill that will allow authorities to cut off illegal downloaders from the worldwide web has been approved by French lawmakers.

US: US support for Afghan war hits new low: poll
WASHINGTON, Sept 15 AFP - US support for the war in Afghanistan has hit a new low, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

UK: US share of global power fading: think tank report
LONDON, Sept 15 AP - A weakened United States could start retreating from the world stage without help from its allies abroad, an international strategic affairs think tank said on Tuesday.

EUR: WHO chief warns of swine flu threat to poor countries
COPENHAGEN, Sept 15 AFP - Swine flu will have a "devastating effect" on poor countries where lives will be lost due to ill-equipped health care facilities, the World Health Organisation has warned.

UN: UN probe: evidence of war crimes in Gaza conflict
UNITED NATIONS, Sept 15 AP - A UN investigation has concluded that both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza committed war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, raising the prospect that officials may seek prosecution in the International Criminal Court.

EUR: Iran agrees 'new framework of cooperation' with IAEA
VIENNA, Sept 15 AFP - Iran has agreed new terms of cooperation with the UN atomic watchdog regarding the agency's investigation into Tehran's nuclear activities, a top Iranian official says.

Fed: Pension increases roll though from Sunday
CANBERRA, Sept 15 AAP - Australia's 3.3 million aged pensioners are to receive long-awaited increases from this Sunday.

US Biden arrives in Iraq: White House
WASHINGTON, Sept 15 AFP - US Vice-president Joe Biden arrived in Iraq on Tuesday on his third trip to the country this year, for talks with top Iraqi leaders and to meet American troops, the White House said.

NSW: Community organisations to go green under govt grants
SYDNEY, Sept 16 AAP - Preschools, retirement homes and sport clubs around NSW will soon go green, under $5.9 million in state government grants for energy and water upgrades.

US retail sales leap 2.7 per cent in August
There's more signs the US is emerging out the financial crisis .. with retail sales surging 2.7 per cent in August.

Fed: "Particularly bad" bushfire season coming: experts
CANBERRA, Sept 14 AAP - A bad bushfire season is on the way.

Fed: First Australian to finish The Lost Symbol will reveal the mystery
SYDNEY, Sept 14 AAP - Dan Brown fans have been waiting years for his latest book, but one Australian reader is expected to take just over two hours to finish it and reveal its mystery plot to the nation.

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