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[TXT][00:05:50]AAP-Vic: Man shot, critically wounded in Geelong shooting.html2008-11-03 08:05 2.2K 
[TXT][00:33:36]AAP-Vic: Woman stabbed in the neck in domestic dispute.html2008-11-03 08:33 2.0K 
[TXT][00:37:09]AAP-NSW: Alcohol inspectors out in force for Melbourne Cup.html2008-11-03 08:37 3.0K 
[TXT][01:36:27]AAP-CAN: Filmmaker followed script in murder plot.html2008-11-03 09:36 2.8K 
[TXT][03:10:24]AAP-Vic: Geelong shooting -not linked to bike gangs-: police.html2008-11-03 11:10 2.4K 
[TXT][03:11:36]AAP-Fed: Homeowners awaiting rate decision.html2008-11-03 11:11 2.3K 
[TXT][03:18:04]AAP-EUR: Scientists make space radiation breakthrough.html2008-11-03 11:18 6.0K 
[TXT][04:36:03]AAP-NSW: Police almost saved tragic balcony woman: report.html2008-11-03 12:36 3.1K 
[TXT][14:44:30]AAP-RBA cuts cash rate to 5.25 per cent from 6.0 per cent.html2008-11-03 22:44 2.6K 
[TXT][14:58:00]AAP-ASIA: Bomb threats made to Aust, US embassies in Indonesia -3D 2.html2008-11-03 22:58 2.4K 
[TXT][15:50:51]AAP-CBA reduces variable home loan interest rate by 58bps (Update).html2008-11-03 23:50 3.5K 
[TXT][17:22:12]AAP-NSW: Petrol prices fall further on cheap day.html2008-11-04 01:22 3.5K 
[TXT][17:30:24]AAP-ASIA: Twin bomb blasts in Thai south injure 60: police.html2008-11-04 01:30 3.2K 

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