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[TXT][00:17:28]AAP-Eur: Australian man charged with attempted murder in Italy.html05-Nov-2008 08:23 3.5K 
[TXT][00:53:43]AAP-US: US friends and foes in Latin America hail Obama win.html05-Nov-2008 08:54 6.2K 
[TXT][01:13:17]AAP-US: Record turnout for US election: analysts.html05-Nov-2008 09:13 2.4K 
[TXT][02:28:16]AAP-Vic: Four film-makers arrested in imitation firearm drama.html05-Nov-2008 10:28 2.8K 
[TXT][02:43:58]AAP-Fed: Asylum being treated well on Christmas Island.html05-Nov-2008 10:44 2.2K 
[TXT][03:17:22]AAP-MID: Afghans distraught after wedding strike that -killed 40-.html05-Nov-2008 11:17 5.2K 
[TXT][04:30:24]AAP-US: World hails Obama-s victory, urges change of tack.html05-Nov-2008 12:30 6.4K 
[TXT][05:06:15]AAP-MID: Ancient Jerusalem fortress comes alive in new show.html05-Nov-2008 13:09 7.3K 
[TXT][13:30:47]AAP-VIC: Police red faced as guns fall from car.html05-Nov-2008 21:31 3.0K 
[TXT][13:48:51]AAP-CIS: Russian leader blasts US, vows to deploy missiles near EU.html05-Nov-2008 21:49 5.7K 
[TXT][14:13:18]AAP-ASIA: New king crowned in Bhutan.html05-Nov-2008 22:13 2.4K 
[TXT][14:20:15]AAP-QLD: Former priest jailed for touching young girls.html05-Nov-2008 22:20 3.4K 
[TXT][14:22:26]AAP-NSW: Man charged with drink driving after fatal crash.html05-Nov-2008 22:22 2.9K 
[TXT][14:32:16]AAP-VIC: Pretend prince scammed investors for luxury life: court.html05-Nov-2008 22:32 3.1K 
[TXT][15:17:58]AAP-NSW: Close ties to US essential - PM.html05-Nov-2008 23:18 2.7K 
[TXT][15:45:59]AAP-CHN: Five dead as truck drives into crowd outside Chinese school.html05-Nov-2008 23:58 2.7K 
[TXT][16:01:09]AAP-Hong Kong share prices down 6.4 per cent at midday.html06-Nov-2008 00:01 2.4K 
[TXT][16:26:04]AAP-NSW: Dead teen-s mum wants students warned of Sydney danger.html06-Nov-2008 00:26 4.7K 
[TXT][16:50:05]AAP-US: De Rossi-s nuptials in doubt after vote to ban same-sex marr.html06-Nov-2008 01:22 5.4K 
[TXT][18:27:34]AAP-JPN: Japanese researchers make brain tissues from stem cells.html06-Nov-2008 02:28 2.4K 
[TXT][18:28:54]AAP-Vic: Police red-faced as guns fall from car.html06-Nov-2008 02:29 3.3K 
[TXT][18:53:44]AAP-Vic: Pretend prince scammed investors for luxury life: court.html06-Nov-2008 02:54 4.6K 
[TXT][19:03:57]AAP-MID: Twin blasts in Baghdad kill 4, wound 7.html06-Nov-2008 03:04 2.8K 
[TXT][19:42:14]AAP-Fed: New submarine project moving along.html06-Nov-2008 03:42 4.0K 
[TXT][19:51:40]AAP-ASIA: Japanese researchers make brain tissues from stem cells.html06-Nov-2008 07:53 4.2K 
[TXT][20:14:22]AAP-WA: Police apprehend man after wife murdered in rural WA.html06-Nov-2008 04:14 2.6K 
[TXT][21:58:14]AAP-World stocks dive on recession fears.html06-Nov-2008 05:58 2.4K 
[TXT][22:55:40]AAP-ASIA: Dalai Lama hails Obama win, recalls his concern for Tibet<.html06-Nov-2008 06:56 3.2K 
[TXT][23:45:13]AAP-ASIA: Eight killed, 45 injured in NW Pakistan blast.html06-Nov-2008 07:45 3.9K 
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