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Standing Wager
Merchant of gloom makes a bet

29 Nov 2008 2:30 AM

An academic who expects zero interest rates within two years and a 40 per cent drop in house prices has promised to walk from Canberra to the top of Australia's highest mountain if he's wrong.

University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance STEVE KEEN made the bet with Macquarie Group interest rate strategist RORY ROBERTSON.


High Scores Longest Chase
Police chase stolen car 250km from Wagga to Canberra

20 Jan 2009 12:21 PM

CANBERRA, Jan 20 AAP - Police have arrested a 26-year-old man in Canberra following a 250km high-speed car chase that started in south-western NSW.

NSW police started pursuing the stolen car in Wagga Wagga on Tuesday morning and ACT Policing took up the chase when the driver crossed the border into the territory.


High Scores
Police dissappointed by young drivers

14 Dec 2008 4:28 PM

Police have arrested a man for driving at 237 kilometres-an-hour on Sydney's Hume Highway.

And .. they say they are extremely disappointed with instances of irresponsible driving by young and inexperienced motorists overnight.


High Scores Possible New Blow
Man blows six times legal limit

31 Dec 2008 2:16 PM

BRISBANE, Dec 31 AAP - Queensland police have caught a man with an alleged blood alcohol reading more than six times the legal limit.

A 28-year-old man from Peak Crossing was stopped overnight for a random breath test in the nearby town of Boonah, south-west of Brisbane, and allegedly blew .303 per cent.


High Scores
P-plate driver returned blood alcohol reading of 0.265

06 Dec 2008 8:18 AM

SYDNEY, Dec 6 AAP - A P-plate driver has returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.265 after allegedly flagging down a police car in northern NSW.

Police said a 26-year-old woman had her licence confiscated after she returned a high-range PCA reading near Tamworth about 8pm (AEDT) on Friday.


Porsche vs Bikes
Porsche and motorcycles in 224km/h road race

20 Dec 2008 4:24 PM

SYDNEY, Dec 20 AAP - The drivers of a Porsche and two motorcycles have had their vehicles confiscated after reaching speeds of more than 220km/h in an alleged road race.

Police say the three men were racing along a 100km/h zone of the Pacific Highway on the far north NSW coast on Saturday about 10.40am (AEST).


Turbo Rice vs RX7
Two drivers to stand trial over passenger death

15 Dec 2008 5:38 PM

MELBOURNE, Dec 15 AAP - Two young men accused of drag racing before a crash that killed a 15-year-old boy will stand trial.

Mitchell Cairnduff, of Wheelers Hill, died when a turbo-charged Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Jarrod Rooke hit a taxi at 120km/h, the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.


High Scores Oldest Hoon
I'm a skilled driver, says 78yo hoon

By Michelle Draper 06 Jan 2009 5:31 PM

MELBOURNE, Jan 6 AAP - A 78-year-old hoon caught speeding at 170km/h on a narrow country road on New Year's Day told police he was a skilled race driver.

Victorian Premier John Brumby, however, was not impressed with John Belfield's claims, labelling Australia's oldest hoon driver an "idiot", while police said he was toying with death.i


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Feature Story WHO declares flu pandemic

GENEVA, June 11 AFP - The swine flu crisis has escalated into the world's first influenza pandemic in 40 years, the World Health Organisation has declared, after infecting tens of thousands of people in 74 countries.

WHO director-general Margaret Chan says the declaration of a "moderate" pandemic should not be a cause for panic and does not mean the death toll from A(H1N1), which stands at less than 150, will sharply increase.


Feature Story Economy offers 'rational basis for confidence': Rudd

MELBOURNE, June 9 AAP - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Australia's strong economic fundamentals offer a glimmer of hope the nation will escape the worst effects of the global recession.

Speaking at the National Small Business Summit in Melbourne on Tuesday night, Mr Rudd said there was no room for "simple, misty-eyed optimism" and acknowledged business owners faced "tough decisions" amid the downturn.


Feature Story Obama 'deeply concerned' by sentencing of journalists

WASHINGTON, June 8 AFP - US President Barack Obama is "deeply concerned" over the sentencing of two US journalists by North Korea and is using "all possible channels" to obtain their release, The White House said on Monday.

"The president is deeply concerned by the reported sentencing of the two American citizen journalists by North Korean authorities, and we are engaged through all possible channels to secure their release," White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters.


Feature Story Obama wraps up landmark Middle East, Europe trip

PARIS, June 7 AFP - President Barack Obama on Sunday wrapped up a Middle East and Europe tour steeped in history and intense diplomacy, confident he has cleared the "debris" thwarting US relations with the Muslim world.

Obama, who visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany and France also believes he has made clear what he expects from all leaders in the strife-torn Middle East as he cranks up a regional peace drive, aides said.


Feature Story Economy dodges recession bullet for now

CANBERRA, June 3 AAP - The economy has avoided a much feared recession on paper, but Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has warned the nation could still experience further periods of negative economic growth in the future.

Exports and household spending helped the economy grow by 0.4 per cent in the first three months of the year, preventing a second consecutive quarter of negative growth that defines a recession.


Feature Story Swine flu cases hits 500 after another surge in Vic

CANBERRA, June 2 AAP - The number of swine flu cases in Victoria has surged again, adding 89 in one day to push the national tally beyond 500.

And there are fears the number could soar again following Wednesday's State of Origin series opener at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium, where a near sell-out crowd of 50,000 is expected.


Feature Story Economy - things might not turn out as badly as expected

With the global economy in recession and Australia waiting for news on Wednesday that gross domestic product fell for the second consecutive quarter, it is hard to imagine the slump might not be as steep or as prolonged as it is widely predicted to be.

And perhaps a gloomy outlook for Australia is justified.


Feature Story Aust economy continues to falter - WBC/MI survey

SYDNEY, May 27 AAP - The Australian economy continues to falter due to the global economic downturn, a survey shows.

The Westpac/Melbourne Institute leading index of economic activity rose by a mere 0.3 per cent in March and was down 5.1 per cent over the year.


Feature Story Australia best placed to beat recession: survey

A global business survey's found Australia is an economic oasis in the financial storm .. despite pessimistic government and media responses.

One in five international businesspeople have cited Australia as the country best surviving the recession .. in a survey of seven thousand 500 people in more than 24 nations.


Feature Story Turnbull speech empty rhetoric with no solutions, Tanner

SYDNEY, May 14 AAP - Malcolm Turnbull's budget in reply speech was marked by empty rhetoric and offered no solutions to reduce government debt, Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner said.

In his budget-in-reply address on Thursday night, the opposition leader attacked the spiralling levels of debt forecast in the budget and run up by Labor with its "profligate" spending on two economic stimulus packages.


Feature Story Record first home byer share backs stimulus, Rudd

CANBERRA, May 12 AAP - First-time home buyers now account for a record share of new housing loans, proving that stimulus package measures are working, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

First home buyers made up a record 27.3 per cent of all home loans granted in March according to data released on Tuesday, topping the previous peak of 26.5 per cent set in January and February.


Feature Story Big budget deficit fault of government's of "both stripes"

CANBERRA, May 11 AAP - Massive government spending in the boom times means the federal budget will be deep in deficit well after the global financial crisis has disappeared, an independent forecaster says.

Access Economics is forecasting a $58.9 billion deficit for Tuesday's 2009/10 budget, allowing for an extra $9 billion of infrastructure spending and $3.9 billion for pension reform.


Feature Story Declining jobs trend to produce some surprisingly big falls

SYDNEY, May 4 AAP - The trend in employment will turn downward with "rogue" figures showing very steep monthly falls will grow more frequent.

At last measure in March the trend measure of the number of people with jobs estimated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) was falling at 5,000 per month.


Feature Story US economy leads the way downhill with Aust close behind

SYDNEY, April 30 AAP - Now is a good time to remind yourself that the past two years, when economic growth in Australia outpaced growth in the United States, were out of the ordinary.

In the past decade Australia has shown tantalising signs of shrugging off its historical tendency to mimic the ups and downs in the US economy.


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Main Feature Story
Don't worry, it's just a pandemic

By Richard Ingham 12 Jun 2009 2:45 AM

PARIS, June 11 AFP - Now it's official: we have a flu pandemic. But what does it mean?

For many, the term may be tinged with fear. It evokes folk memories of three influenza pandemics that erupted last century and claimed tens of millions of lives.

The worst was the 1918-19 "Spanish flu".

The greatest plague of the 20th century killed as many as 50 million people, particularly the young and healthy, who could be dispatched to their grave in just a few days, their ravaged lungs filled with blood.

But health experts are keen to defuse any "we're all going to die" reflex after the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday announced a flu pandemic was under way.

For one thing, "pandemic" is only a technical term that indicates the geographical spread of a disease.

Despite its scary connotations, the word is no indication as to how contagious or lethal the disease is.

Continued .....

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FED: Doctors slam Aust response to swine flu crisis
SYDNEY, June 13 AAP - Doctors have criticised Australia's response to the swine flu crisis, with some patients waiting eight days for test results or receiving anti-viral drugs too late to limit the infection.

US: Final signoff for US analog TV service
NEW YORK, June 12 AP - Television stations across the US have started cutting their analogue signals, marking the final sign-off for a 60-year-old technology and likely stranding more than 1 million unprepared homes without TV service.

NSW: Include 'seniors impact statement' in NSW budget: opp
SYDNEY, June 13 AAP - The NSW government should draw up a `seniors impact statement' as part of next week's budget, the state opposition says.

US: FBI, police probe deadly US museum shooting
WASHINGTON, June 11, 2009 (AFP) - The Holocaust Memorial Museum here flew its flags at half mast on Thursday mourning the death of a security guard killed in an attack by an elderly white supremacist, as police probed the shooting.

Vic: US travel ban over bar mat theft
MELBOURNE, June 12 AAP - A Melbourne woman convicted of stealing a bar mat in Thailand says she cannot take her children on a dream holiday to Disneyland because the US government has refused her visa application.

SA: Lower limits still the key to cutting road deaths
Researchers say driving slower and using new technology could help to reduce deaths and severe injuries on Australian roads.

Fed: Federal police to enforce greenhouse law without extra help
MELBOURNE, June 12 AAP - The thin blue line of the federal police will soon be stretched to breaking point as the force begins to prosecute climate change offences, a union has warned.

NSW: Nurses most honest and ethical, car salesman not, survey
Australians rate nurses as the most ethical and honest professionals .. but car salesmen .. newspaper journalists .. and advertising people are still on the nose.

NSW: Rudd takes another swipe at Chaser team
The Chaser TV comedy team have been told by the prime minister .. it's about time they picked on someone their own size.

Qld: Australia's worst air crash to be remembered in US
The American victims of a World War Two air disaster in Australia will be remembered in a ceremony in the United States early today our time.

NT: Grog bans creating a culture of indigenous resistance
Health research has revealed alcohol bans in Alice Springs have fostered a culture of resistance in some Aboriginal people .. and driven a wedge between black and white.

EUR: Don't worry, it's just a pandemic
PARIS, June 11 AFP - Now it's official: we have a flu pandemic. But what does it mean?

EUR: WHO declares flu pandemic
GENEVA, June 11 AFP - The swine flu crisis has escalated into the world's first influenza pandemic in 40 years, the World Health Organisation has declared, after infecting tens of thousands of people in 74 countries.

ASIA: Seven powers reach deal on UN NKorea sanctions
UNITED NATIONS, June 10 AFP - Major powers on Wednesday agreed on a package of expanded sanctions, including tougher cargo inspections and a tighter arms embargo, to punish North Korea for its recent nuclear test and missile firings.

US: Two wounded in Washington Holocaust museum shooting
WASHINGTON, June 10 AFP - A gunman opened fire at the Holocaust museum here on Wednesday, hitting a security guard before being wounded himself, sparking panic in Washington's tourist area, officials and witnesses said.

NSW: Zero degree morning forecast for nth-west Sydney
Sydneysiders are waking up to icy temperatures this morning .. with some parts of the city dropping below zero degrees.

EUR: Earth-Venus smash-up possible in 3.5 billion years: study
PARIS, June 10 AFP - A force known as orbital chaos may cause our solar system to go haywire, leading to a possible collision between earth and Venus or Mars, according to a study released on Wednesday.

EUR: Gaddafi 'turns page on past' with visit to Italy
ROME, June 10 AFP - Italy rolled out the red carpet on Wednesday for Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi who said he has "turned the page on the past" after arriving for a landmark visit.

Fed:Upbeat consumers could still end in tears
We'll find out today how much the global economic crises has really hit the country .. when the latest unemployment figures are published.

Fed: Jobs figures expected to show rise in unemployment
CANBERRA, June 11 AAP - Economists are expecting Thursday's official job figures for May to show a sharp jump in the unemployment rate.

Vic: Five with swine flu in intensive care
MELBOURNE, June 11 AAP - Five people with swine flu have been placed in intensive care in Victoria and residents at three nursing homes are being tested for the potentially deadly virus.

EUR: World edges towards official swine flu pandemic
GENEVA, June 10 AFP - Health authorities edged towards global swine flu pandemic status on Wednesday as the virus wreaked havoc with Australian sports scheduling and Colombia reported its first death.

US: US proposes law to control corporate pay
WASHINGTON, June 10 AFP - US President Barack Obama's administration unveiled plans on Wednesday for legislation to give authorities and shareholders the means to control bonus payments to executives of listed firms.

EUR: 'George W. Aso' savaged by greens at UN climate talks
BONN, Germany, June 10 AFP - Green groups at the UN climate talks blasted Japan on Wednesday for setting what they called pitifully low targets for curbing its emissions of greenhouse gases.

EUR: Russia might abandon nukes if others do
MOSCOW, June 10 AP - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia is willing to abandon nuclear weapons, if the United States and all other countries that have them do the same.

EUR: Australia spike may push swine flu level to pandemic: WHO
GENEVA, June 9 AP - The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Tuesday a spike in swine flu cases in Australia may push it to finally announce the first flu pandemic in 41 years.

EUR: WHO chief: flu pandemic appears to be happening
GENEVA, June 9 AP - The head of the World Health Organisation says the swine flu outbreak appears to have reached pandemic proportions.

US: First Gitmo detainee arrives in US for trial
WASHINGTON, June 9 AP - US authorities have brought the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to the United States, flying him into New York to face trial for bombing US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, the Justice Department said on Tuesday.

UK: UFO-obsessed British hacker fights extradition to US
LONDON, June 9 AFP - A Briton accused of hacking into NASA computers should not be extradited to the US due to his mental health, a lawyer said on Tuesday, adding that he was eccentric and "passionate" about UFOs.

Fed: Axe falls on generous solar rebate
The renewable energy industry is up in arms after federal government abruptly axed its eight-thousand dollar rebate for solar panels yesterday.

NSW: Two arrests as Indian students protest for second night
SYDNEY, June 10 AAP - Indian students have taken to the streets of western Sydney for a second night in protest at a series of attacks they claim are racially motivated.

MED: Computer injuries on rise, youths most at risk: study
Blurry vision and wrist pain are among the well-known health perils of computer use .. but a new study shows a rise in previously overlooked injuries due to computer equipment falling over.

Fed: Economy offers 'rational basis for confidence': Rudd
MELBOURNE, June 9 AAP - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Australia's strong economic fundamentals offer a glimmer of hope the nation will escape the worst effects of the global recession.

Unemployment on the rise despite more positive signs, Rudd
CANBERRA, June 9 AAP - A more modest fall in job advertising and a jump in business confidence won't prevent the jobless rate climbing, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has warned.

NSW: Woman denies trying to hasten daughter's starvation
EAST MAITLAND, NSW, June 9 AAP - A woman on trial for murder has denied deliberately hastening her daughter's starvation death by feeding her foods with a laxative effect.

Fed: HMAS Toowoomba departs for Middle East
CANBERRA, June 9 AAP - HMAS Toowoomba has set sail for a six-month tour of duty in the Middle East.

Vic: "Out of control" teen attacks police dog
MELBOURNE, June 9 AAP - An "out of control" teenager has indicated he is likely to plead guilty to attacking a veteran police dog.

Qld: Police officer named Queenslander of the Year
BRISBANE, June 9 AAP - Police officer Jim Bellos has been named Queenslander of the Year as the state marks its 150th year of independence.

US: Obama speeds up stimulus spending
WASHINGTON, June 8 AFP - US President Barack Obama announced on Monday he would ramp up economic stimulus spending over the next three months in a bid to save or create 600,000 jobs through summer youth programs, schools and public works.

US: Obama 'deeply concerned' by sentencing of journalists
WASHINGTON, June 8 AFP - US President Barack Obama is "deeply concerned" over the sentencing of two US journalists by North Korea and is using "all possible channels" to obtain their release, The White House said on Monday.

Fed: Fielding wants Labor to consider alternate climate change theory
CANBERRA, June 8 AAP - Family First senator Steve Fielding wants to debate the cause of global warming with government scientists before he votes on Labor's climate change legislation.

US: Palin accused of lifting from Gingrich article
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, June 7 AP - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been accused of paraphrasing at length from an article co-written by Newt Gingrich when she gave a speech, but her lawyer says proper credit was given to the former House of Representatives speaker.

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